Do You Take Daily Supplements?

We all like to look good on the outside, but there's only so much that make up will cover up. It goes without saying that it pays to take care of what you put inside your body and I'm all for taking daily vitamins to aid my overall health.

I can be quite blaise with my vitamin consumption. I can take them daily for months at a time, good as gold then fall off the wagon and end up consuming them every other day or week!

I started Silica tablets again recently, Silica is known for improving skin, hair, bones and nails. I've taken them on and off for a few years now and when I stick to taking them daily, I've seen results within six weeks. I bought my Silica Complex tablets from Holland & Barrett.

I take Advanced Nutrition Programme Nail Science* which aims to aid nail growth. They contain biotin, calcium, horsetail and specially selected vitamins and minerals, all nutrients that have been shown to benefit nails. They're available to buy from Feelunique and can be found here.

I also take Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas* which are packed full of fish oils and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and provide overall support for skin health. Find them here, also on

Finally I take a cod liver oil tablet once a day as I've noticed I'm not as agile as I used to be. In fact, I've been known to literally creak when I stand up or crouch down, so I figured my joints could do with some help! Again these were purchased from Holland & Barrett

Oh and before I forget I've also been taking (albeit sporadically) vitamins from the new Seven Seas Health Oils*, which are seven different expertly blended oils and vitamins.

The range includes:

Active Mind:  Contains pantothenic acid to help support mental performance

Radiant You: Contains zinc to help maintain hair, skin and anils

Immune Defence: Contains vitramin C to help support the immune system

Healthy Heart: Contains thamine to help maintain a healthy heart

For more info the Seven Seas Health Oils range, check out

Which supplements do you take?  Do you notice a difference in yourself when you do? I'm stepping up my vitamin consumption in the hope that combined with exercise (lawd knows I need it) I'll see soon good benefits.

Products marked with * were provided courtesy of PR.

9 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Wande Alugo said...

got creaky joints too but hate codliver oil yuk

Henessy said...

I take H&B's hair & nails supplement but I might try the Silica Complex as I find its not working for me. Im in desperate need for a supplement for my nails as they are in a terrible state.

Jasmine said...

I take the same Silica tablets and really do notice a difference. I think I'll start taking cod liver oil as my nan swears by it (and she's in pretty good nick!)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I'be been meaning on getting some silica. Cucumbers are rich in silica but have not had some in my diet lately.

Def need to give this a try. Spirulina is a all time fave of mine too.

Sarah said...

Glucosamine is good for joints as well hun, was given some massive lecture at the gym by some boring personal trainer but the only thing I really remember is about the glucosamine haha!

The Nerd... said...

I always want to but i'm too lazy and often forget to!
However I do take Biotin tablets (1000mg) once every day. They really help your nails grow SO LONG! I also take Iron Suppliments too

Evon said...

i take a prenatal vitamin (not pregnant though), biotin, and msm.

britishbeautyblogger said...

This is so timely.. I am racking up the national debt in bills at Victoria Heath: I take Femergy which is just brilliant for keeping energy levels up during the day and I notice if I haven't taken them for a couple of days; I take a probiotic for digestive health and also L-Glutamine to help with memory and immune system function. Sporadically I take something called Silver Shield recommended by a dietician which seems to knock out my taste for sugar which is handy for dieting.

IceQueen said...

I currently take cod liver oil and evening primrose oil. I want to start taking silica again as it really works!


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