Get Full Fast with FULLfast!

I love my food and I can be a greedy cow when the mood takes me. So when I was offered to try FULLfast, a revolutionary appetite control spray which provides a natural way to keep your weight down, I didn't turn it down.

This convenient spray has been scientifically proven to help curb your appetite – all you need to do is spray FULLfast three times under your tongue, five times a day. You can pop it in your bag so you can use it when you’re at home, at work, in the gym or out and about.

The idea of being able to spray a liquid in my mouth which curbs my appetite amused me greatly. Although admittedly, my usage of this has been sporadic, when I have used it, I must admit that my appetite has diminished and I haven't grazed at all, which is what I often do all day at work as there's always chocolate, cake or biscuits flying around.

FULLfast Appetite Control Spray is pricved £23.95 for a months supply and is stocked atHarvey Nichols store.

I'm not relying on just FULL fast to see results. I know real weight loss is the result of a revised diet and regular exercise and so I've stepped up and have a load of classes booked at my gym for next week.

For £20 a month, I have access to a wide range of classes including  spinning, boxing, LBT, Kettle Balls, Zumba (£4 a class) and loads more. Best of all it's open 24-7! Another branch is opening near my house and I can't wait and quite frankly it's a struggle to go near the branch by work as it's still a bit of a trek.

For more info on Pure Gym, check out their website

Weight loss update coming next month!

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Ohh I've heard about the weight loss spray, been wondering about them because I only saw it in a magazine so quite unsure.

Plus what a great deal for £20 and such a great range of access of classes whoop :)

Girlie Blogger said...

Sounds interesting...let us know how it works.

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Ooh I might have to try this as I have NO willpower - I'm fine if stuff's not there I don't want it or think about it but as soon as there's cakes or biccies going at work I'm all over it!

MediterraneanX said...

I like the idea of this but something within me doesn't agree with the idea of messing around with your serotonin levels...they're the ones that affect your mood and destabilising them can give you problems such as depression and anxiety (much like ecstasy does) so that really puts me off...

Lydia said...

I NEED this product in my life! I'm definitely going to try this out.



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