M.A.C Masterclass with Pablo Rodriguez at London Fashion Week

So yesterday was day two of London Fashion Week and I attended a M.A.C Masterclass demonstrated by top M.A.C make up artist, Pablo Rodriguez. This was the first time I've attended an event at LFW, and I figured there was no better introduction to it, than with M.A.C - the brand which sparked off my interest in make up many years ago. I headed down to Somerset House, excited at the thought of what I was going to see from the brand.

The Look -  Pablo recreated this intense winged smoky eye, which was used on the models for the Stephanie Rolland Couture show.

Fresh faced and ready to go

The look was surprisingly simple to recreate and Pablo used just a few products. Studio Sculpt foundation was stippled on with the 188 brush, he dabbed Select Cover-Up Concealer under the eyes to conceal dark circles with a 217 brush. The base was then set with Blot Powder using the 168 brush.

The eyes were lined with Feline eyeliner (no longer limited addition, it appears) both on the waterline and upper inner lash line. Fluidline Eyeliner in Blacktrack was then pressed all over the eyelids and then blended out with a 224 brush.

To intensify the sooty, dramatic effect, MAC Pro Acrylic Paint in black (available in PRO stores or mail order only) was applied with a mascara wand and winged out in a haphazard fashion to the outer corner of the eyes. The eyes were then framed with MAC False Lashes mascara.

Pablo working his magic

A new contouring creme, which is due out later this year (which looked very similar to the Cream Colour Bases in both texture and packaging) was applied to the cheekbones with his finger and blended out. Pink Swoon blush was then applied to apple of the cheeks for a healthy, yet natural 'barely there' flush of colour. Again, this was applied using the 168.

MAC Painterly was run through the models brows, an unusual choice but this was so the eyes remained the focus of the look.

The lips were slicked with MAC Lipglass in Underage - a pale pink nude gloss.

The finished look up close! 
photo credit: Mouldyfruit

I'd love to recreate this, but I worry that as my eyes are quite small, that they'd get lost within the lashings of dark shadow. Perhaps I'll try my hand at it when I have time to kill.

I really enjoyed the masterclass and Pablo retained my attention throughout, chatting with us and encouraging us to ask questions. It was very relaxed and informal. I don't buy M.A.C as obsessively as I did a few years ago, simply because I own so much of it now but it was great seeing familiar products and tools I own being used before my very eyes. I have M.A.C coming out of my ears within my make up collection, but recently I've treated myself to a mini splurge or two. No more bunking off work the morning a new collection is due out, to snap it up before it sell out though! 

The complimentary M.A.C makeovers in the Bloggers Suite proved very popular

As much as I like fashion, I prefer viewing it ready to go from the pages of a glossy magazine or in person on the shop floor, so my first experience of London Fashion Week as a whole was bemusing to say the least.

The "OMG you look fabulous", air-kissing and fawning aspects of it which come part and parcel of an industry where looks are everything began to irk me just 10 minutes after venturing outside at Somerset House as did a few of the scrutinising looks I witnessed being thrown at those whose outfits either pushed boundaries or didn't make the cut. 

Fakery and dramatics aside, I had a fun morning/early afternoon chatting with before I had to rush off and meet the bestie.  I and My interest in London Fashion Week lies predominantly with the make up, although I'd really, really want to pop back next Saturday for London Fashion Weekend and see what's on offer to buy from the brands on show. I fancy a new handbag and some funky jewellery. I

Are you excited for London Fashion Week or totally over it already? And more importantly do you like this make up look - would you wear it?

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Livia said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post, especially the products used! I attended the MAC masterclass last year, but sadly didn't get an invite for this year's and I was wondering what their featured makeup look would be. This makeover looks really good but I probably would never have the guts to wear it out of my room - well maybe for halloween! ;D

Yinka said...

@Livia - No worries. Glad you liked the post. Haha you could tone it down for a night out, I think you could rock it! :)

Scandalous Beauty said...

Girl...I hate all that frou frou...fake kisses and "I missed you". Uh.

Anyway, great coverage! I love events like this! : )

prettyinthedesert said...

omg thank you!!! I HATE that fake fashion crowd! Every time I go to events and you see/hear that high pitched "omg! I missed you! OMG Babe you look amaaaahhhzing!" ugh, it makes me wanna puke! Especially when you know some of the girls personally and you know how fake they're being!

Computergirl said...

I dont buy as much as I used to but still did a little haul this weekend. Sounds like a great event with lots of information. I love it when you can ask questions, rahter than just listen.

RE LFW I have stayed at home and watched a couple of shows online. I saw someone at one show get pushed across the catwalk by a floor manager just as the models started to walk!! I think that was the same show everyone stormed the catwalk (to leave!) before teh models had left the runway! I'd rather see the pictures in magazines too- better view and more to study! xx

SparklesandLipgloss said...

The makeup looks fantastic, but too drastic for me to wear haha. I used to love fashion, and I do still enjoy it, just not as much as I used to. I couldn't tell you the trends at all. However, I would love to go to a Marc Jacobs show, just to say I have been. A girl can dream haha :) xx


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