The Nail Files: Models Own Beetlejuice Pinky Brown

When Models Own Beetlejuice collection was released back in November, I was psyched! So excited in fact, that I ordered three sets! Why, I don't know (Oh actually, yeah I do, they were to flog on Ebay, then I realised they were flippin' permanent!) but then I always appear to lose my mind when it comes to rationally buying cosmetics.

One set has since been given to my best friend and the second handed over to my younger cousins. To date, I'm yet to swatch my set in full as I was so disappointed with the first two I tried!

First up Pinky Brown, which is burgundy speckled with pink flecks. Now in other swatches I've seen the duochrome effect switches it to a cool coppery brown. My bottle must have been a dud polish, because I failed to see anything, whichever angle I swerved my nails. Like seriously, what the hell?!

I'm not loving it. In certain light it looked flat and made my skin tone look 'muddy'. Don't be fooled by my photo which was taken approx three days after application hence the tip wear.  I know the colour doesn't look particularly bad against my skin tone, but believe me, when I say that in reality it did! I applied three coats as the polish is quite thin, and didn't think much of the formula either.

Not impressed. I doubt very much that I'll wear this again, unless I'm slapping glitter over the top of it. I don't know if I can even be bothered to do that!

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Girlie Blogger said...'s a fun color. but you are right, not awesome.

Second Hand Rose said...

Such a gorgeous colour but I know what you mean about it. Enjoy wearing it! XxxX


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