Never Feel Guilty Again...

The next time you feel buyers remorse for buying yet another nude lipgloss or fuchsia nail polish. Rest assured that it's unlikely you'll accrue as much make up as Wayne aka Gossmakeupartist.

Yeah, so okay Wayne is a make up artist, but watching a video of him sharing his make up collection on his You Tube channel, still didn't stop my jaw from hitting the floor anyway!

Oh to have just five minutes in his make up cupboard - OH. MY. GOD!!

 Make up porn at its very best. Enjoy!


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10 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Abby said...

This made me laugh haha I thought the exact same thing whilst I was watching it. I seriously want to LIVE in that make up cupboard! x

Tre - The Beauty Goss said...

I would love to have a room like that with all that make-up! Salivates at the thought.

For him it's necessary though as that's his bread and butter so to speak.

Modesty Brown said...

Oh my giddy aunt!! That is a lot of makeup. That small shelf of Tom Ford must have cost a fortune all on it's own! I might need to go and have a lie down....

Livia said...

Wow, you're right. Watching that video made me a lot less guilty for having so much makeup, but then jealous of his collection at the same time!

Amina said...

well I don't feel guilty anymore and woow, I want to be in that room for 5 minutes

Carissa said...

oh wow!! So jealous, can't stop watching it though haha
Carissa xx

Vanilla Crush Blog

Sami said...

Wow! You need to check out Ruby Hammer's makeup room - she has products stacked from the floor to ceiling!

Ash-Lilly said...

My nail polish stash is no way as extensive as that. One can dream... Brilliant post, thank you!

Joany said...

What an amazing collection I follow Goss makeup on u-tube hes really good

Sarah said...

He's so cool and down to earth, not to mention neat with his kit. Is that a wedding ring he has on?


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