Orly Cool Romance

I was looking at the latest shades from Orly in their Cool Romance collection the other day. What do you think? My eyes were instantly drawn to the last three shades, which I think look quite pretty.

I haven't even tried all the polishes I bought back from New York yet, so I better not buy anymore for now. They've been added to my 'curious' list though.

The polishes go by the name/description of:

Faint of Heart: muted grey creme
Steel Your Heart: charcoal shimmer
Artificial Sweetener: dusty rose shimmer

You’re Blushing: soft lilac creme
Prelude to a Kiss: pastel pink creme shade
Jealous, Much?: pastel mint

Check out swatches here

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Farzana said...

Steel Your Heart looks divine! :)x


The Dollymix Diaries said...

I love the pinky shade on the top but adore the 3 shades on the bottom picture, very spring :)

Girlie Blogger said...

I like pastel mint. It's such a pretty color.


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