Review: BECCA Beach Tint in Strawberry

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll remember when I became utterly obsessed with BECCA cosmetics - see previous mentions on the brand here I adore their Glossy Lip Tints and Creme Blushes and have spent a small fortune building up a mini-collection of their products.

I was recently sent one of their Beach Tint's to try, a multi purpose lip and cheek crème stain colour in the shade Strawberry.

Until now, I'd always ignored the Beach Tints, instead favouring the crème blushes and assuming they'd be quite diluted and weak in terms of pigment and usability.

BECCA Beach Tints come in a small compact tube filled with 7ml of product. They're small, yet plentiful in the sense that they're rich in pigment, therefore you only need to use a small amount to achieve a pretty flush of colour. They're also oil free, streak Free, and water-resistant too.

They can also be used for layering under powder blushes, bronzers, lip balms and lipglosses for added intensity. I was shocked at how pigmented this actually is, I've applied it fairly lightly in the photo below - because that's how I'd wear it day to day, but if you wanted heavier coverage, that wouldn't be an issue at all.

Strawberry Beach Tint coincidentally smells of ..yes, strawberry and is a vibrant red shade, which blends easily into a soft, feminine wash of colour. I typi ally tend to shy away from all shades of red cosmetics, including red nail polish so was pleased at how naturally this translated onto my skin. 

I did try this on my lips, but my camera (it's new and I've had no time to play with it whatsoever) refused to pick it the colour on my pout. I really liked how it looked, considering I didn't think the shade of red would suite me - but it does! Be sure to use a balm underneath though as applying it straight to your lips will result in them feeling dry as time goes on. The pigment lasts for hours with a subtle touch up needed after a meal. I'm very impressed!

Available in seven shades, they're not cheap, priced at £20.00 but now I'm curious to swatch the others and if I like a shade enough, then I'd most likely treat myself to it - if I haven't already found it for less than RRP on Ebay! I already have my eye on Raspberry and Guava. Actually, I know for a fact I'll be checking those out and most likely adding at least one of them to my blush collection!

Like the look and sound of this? Cool, you'll be pleased to know that BECCA are offering Vex in the City readers the opportunity to bag this at a 20% discount . Perfect your pout in time for Valentine's Day with the signature colour of love - luscious red ;-)

Enter code BBE20 at checkout. The 20% discount applies to online sales of Beach Tint in 'Strawberry' (UK & EU) only and is valid until 16th February 2012. Find the Beach Tints here

Check out BECCA Cosmetics UK on Facebook - they're always running competitions and giving away products - or follow them on Twitter @BECCAlondon for the latest news and offers.

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12 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Karolina said...

I have a few lip/cheek stanes in my collection, and I use them all the time! xo

Sharon said...

Gorgeous colour,love it but am loving ur braids more they r nice u look beaut as always hun!

Ana Marta said...

Ah, loved this colour and your review, went to the website to buy it and loved the 20% off on top of everything. Hope it gets here in time for Valentine's dinner, it's such a beautiful red. Ana xx

Tali said...

Love them but word of warning they do end up seperating and going old after a few months. Literally all that happens now is that oily looking liquid oozes out of the tube. No matter how I try shake it or get that stuff out.. the product is not useable any more. So don't buy more than 2 at a time!!!

Yinka said...

@Karolina - Good to hear they work so well for you.

@Sharon - Thanks hon!

@Ana Marta - Thank you. Hope you love it too x

@Tali - Oh really? Thanks for the heads up!

socialitedreams said...

it gives SUCH a wonderful glow! i like it a lot

Girlie Blogger said...

i think it looks beautiful on you. ebay offers the best beauty products, doesn't it? you can find just about anything there. said...

I love how gorgeous it comes out on your skin. We have just about the same skintone so I'm happy that it'll look great on me because it gives quite a flushed, healthy feel.

Amina said...

i have raspberry its v pretty actually but a bit dark for me - have only tested it once and i was going to stick it on ebay but if you want it let me know (aminas bazaar at gmail dot com), happy to email you a swatch if you want to see it first!
i have grapefruit and love it, and really want fig which i think is the beach tint version of turkish rose cream blush.

Amina said...

It looks beautiful on you! by the way I love your braids! I had my eyes on it at the makeup show

Imo said...

Your skin looks fab! The tints are quite illuminating

Sami said...

it looks amazing on you!! and your skin is literally flawless! so pretty:)


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