Winter Skin Soother - Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream

Like many, my eyes widened and I grimaced when I saw snow falling from the sky on Saturday night here in London. I wasn't impressed, as I hate the white stuff! Unless you're aged 10 and under, or have the means to sit around all day, doing sweet fug all, there should be no reason for rejoicing at the sight of snow as all it does is hinder your ability to move around and get things done in a timely fashion!

It's been cold for weeks, but the icy winds which accompanied the snow had my skin screaming for something heavier to protect it from its icy blast.

Step forward Weleda's Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream*, which landed on my doormat just at the right time. Perfect for use on both babies and adults, this rich cream contains rich almond oil and extracts of the Calendula flower.

Although it's described as a cream, it comes out of its tube looking more like an oil really. It spreads easily, but because it's so rich, only a very small amount is needed, especially if you plan to wear this during the day as it will result in your looking shinier than usual within a couple of hours (as I discovered today), so blot powder at the ready! My skin was left feeling really supple all day today and it definitely did a good job of making it feel protected against both the wind and cold.


Calendula Weather Protection Cream can also be used in a number of different ways as shared by make up artist Hannah Maxwell, who uses it as a lip balm, eye gloss, mixes it with lipsticks to create a sheer gloss, mixes it with a highlighters and also uses it as a cuticle cream.

This is very similar to Dr Hauschka's Rose Day Cream** , which I've featured here before. They both erase dry patches and make a great night treatment for parched skin, which has been battered by the recent harsh weather and is feeling rough or tight.

The biggest difference between the two is the price, with Weleda running streets ahead with its bargainous £6.95 (30ml) price tag in comparison to Dr Hauschka's Rose Day Cream which retails for £23.95 (30ml)  the price has gone up since I last bought it too! 

I'd recommend this as a great winter skin staple for skin in need of a boost and extra protection against this ghastly weather.

How much is it? £6.95
Where can I buy it from?,  Health stores, Waitriose and pharmacies.

Have you noticed a drastic change in your skin since the weather became much colder?

*PR sample
** Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream purchased by moi! 

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Farzana said...

I can't stand the snowy weather! I become grumpy and not a very nice person haha. And lo behold anyone who throws a snowball at me! :D

Scarlett said...

This looks really useful, my skin has gone mental in the cold weather so I might try this product out :)


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