17 and No 7 - Spring/Summer 2012

The Boots Summer Press Show gave a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Concrete Jungle'. Held in the Barbican Centre, in what can only be described as an indoor rainforest - complete with artificial heat!

As I wandered through the trees and flamingos in awe of the transformation and quite bemused, I eventually found what I'd arrived to see - the latest product launches from 17 and No 7.

First up 17 - I was greeted warmly by their official make up artist Vanessa Guallar, who has the most infectious personality, who excitedly took me through their latest products.

First up, there are some new new additions to the existing 17 Miracle Matte Collection. If you suffer from oily skin or want to fully prepared for when the sun makes a permanent appearance (you never know, it might!!) then you may want to try 17's Miracle Matte Skin Primer. It claims to leave you shine-free for up to 22 hours. Just apply a thin layer of primer over your face and eye area, massaging it lightly into the skin. It'll also make a great base for your foundation too. Available from 16th May 2012.

Also ready and waiting in the wings to help combat shine are Miracle Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99) and 17 Miracle Matte Loose Powder (£5.49).  These fine, translucent powders promise to deliver great coverage for up to 16 hours. Available from 16th May 2012.

Last but not least, get ready for another lash blast in the form of new 17 Blow Out Mascara. A thickening, conditioning formula enriched with vitamin E and argan oil, complete with a huge brush to sculpt and tease lashes - making them bigger and bolder than ever (£6.29).

Available from 11th July 2012 in Black and Brown/Black.

Oh and before I forget, check these beauties out next time you're in Boots as they're available to buy now....

17 Spring Fling Palettes Spring Brights (L) & Hazy Days (R)- £5.99 each

17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks - £4.99

17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick - £4.99

Boots have their infamous 3 for 2 Mix and Match offer on at the moment ..*ahem*, so knock yourself out!

Make up artist and No 7 Creative Consultant, Lisa Eldridge, has created a delightful capsule summer collection. The Summer of Dreams collection  is Limited Edition and is inspired by festival chic intertwined with sunkissed memories of summer days, infused with bold flashes of colour. 

The Summer of Dreams Bronzer (£13.00) is a lightweight bronzing powder with gold and coral shimmer coating. Surprisingly it did show up on me better than I thought it would (on my hand mind, not my face which is darker), but I already own bronzers which I prefer in terms of depth. If you're lighter than say, MAC NC50 then check this out.

I predict a stampede when these limited edition polishes go on sale. As you know I adore my OPI for Sephora glitter topcoat, Only Gold For Me and the silver version, Flurry Up. and now those of you who won't be gracing a Sephora store any time soon can snap these up instead as they're exactly the same!

Photo courtesy of make up artist extraordinare Lisa Eldridge herself, who tweeted it yesterday.

Also included in the collection is this set of jumbo crayons. These are my least favourite product in the collection as I didn't find the shades particularly flattering or eye catching if I'm honest. Available in Metallic Bronze, Hazy Green, Cornflower Blue and Metallic Grey, the set is priced £13.00

Finally, and these were a pleasant surprise - the Summer of Dreams Nourishing Lip Shines. Available in Pink and Peach, these glossy balms give lips a subtle hint of colour, Enriched with liquorice to smooth and nourish lips,  they also come with a sponge applicator and are great for low-key no fuss beauty on the go. Priced £10.50 each.

Apologies for the blurry swatch, but you get the idea!

Summer of Dreams will be available in-store and online from 16th May-10th July 2012. See anything you fancy?

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sarirah said...

Those glitter top coats look lovely. I kinda prefer those to fine glitter polishes. :)

Roxanne said...

Oh my the lip shines look like the clarins lip perfecter and with one of their vouchers they'd be such a bargain! cant wait till their out :)

Tali said...

I am thinking a bit like Roxanne.. if they are similar to the clarins ones I may get one as they are so much more affordable!!

Yinka said...

@Sarirah - You'll love 'em!

@Roxanne/Tali - Yeah, makes more financial sense, doesn't it?

A Lauren to Herself said...

Some gorgeous products here, especially the sparkly polish and the spring fling palettes. Thanks for the review Yinka x


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