From Paris With Love

It's Monday morning and I'm tired. I travelled to Paris first thing on Friday morning, courtesy of Chanel (just kidding, but your jaws dropped for a second, didn't they?!) returning yesterday, yet feel as if I've been on a long haul flight from Oz! Lots of fun was had, yummy food and red wine consumed (I don't even like red wine, but whatever I was necking tasted alright!), and I had a great time.

I had no intention of buying any make up whilst I was there, mainly because I'm yet to use the blusher I bought from my last trip which was last January, and I have enough to open up a shop. However, I did stock up on a couple of skincare products.

Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleanser has a devoted fan base, including many a supermodel. This gentle cleanser allows you to remove make up effectively without irritation. This is my third time purchasing it, and as you can see this time round I bought a twin pack which worked out cheaper than buying a single bottle.

I use this most nights and I like how effectively it removes every last trace of make up - even mascara without causing my skin to flare up. I tend to use this after I've used my usual cleanser of choice as I can use up to five cotton pads a time (both sides) to fully remove all the rubbish sitting on my face if I use it on its own and I think that's quite wasteful. However it's great for those nights you feel a little worse for wear after and can't be bothered to partake in the usual cleaning routine in the bathroom.

I also bought Bioderma Atoderm - Nourishing Cream for Very Dry Sensitive Skin after it was heartily recommended by my friend, Danielle and her friend 'B'. My skin's been acting weird again over the past couple of weeks, displaying extreme dryness and a rash across one half of my face forehead down to my nose - silly face! However, I think this latest episode may have been caused by using a face cream I didn't realise was two months out of date. Oops!

Anyway, no word of a lie, I applied this on Saturday night before I collapsed into bed and on Sunday morning the last of the rash had completely disappeared and my skin showed no signs of dryness at all around my jaw and chin area. How's that for record results?! I used it again last night and yet again, awoke to soft, supple feeling skin this morning. I'm very pleased with this purchase and shall definitely repurchase. Despite being touted for very dry skin, it's not heavy at all, which I was worried about and absorbs very easily too. 

If you're not lucky enough to have easy access to these products, then I'd recommend checking Ebay out as the only site I could find was and I have no experience of them, nor could I find any immediate reviews online.

Have you tried any Bioderma products?

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Tass said...

My sister has a bottle of h20 crealine and it's frigging amazing. I'm in awe at how it removes my waterproof eye makeup without leaving a nasty film or anything else behind. I'm going to Paris on Weds and I'll be bringing an empty suitcase so I can bring a crate of this stuff home! xx

A Lauren to Herself said...

Lucky you, very jealous of your Paris adventure! Must try Bioderma, sounds ace x

Farzana said...

I did gasp a little when you mentioned Chanel. ;)

Becky said...

That's a great price for the twin pack, I'm going to France next week so hopefully I can get some more Crealine then.

SparklesandLipgloss said...

I really want to try Bioderma, and your post, along with Lisa Eldridge's video on French pharmacies skincare has got me searching for it (and a few other products) everywhere! Might as well just go to Paris haha :) Trying to talk my Mum into going at Easter lol. xx

Kumiko Mae said...

oh wow. ive never been to Paris but i cant imagine feeling tired of that placeD :D


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