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I'm sure many of you have noticed that Illamasqua have had an overhaul of their website. I love that you can now view 'real life' swatches of products - very useful. Navigation is much easier and makes online shopping far more enjoyable.  The image currently featured on the homepage is taken from their new spring/summer collection, Human Fundamentalism, and it certainly wetted my appetite for what the unique brand had in store with their latest launches.

The new look Illamasqua website

As always, Illamasqua go beyond conformity and their latest collection is no different. Human Fundamentalism is an explosion of colour which contrasts textures and shades which encourage the wearer to be as tame or experimental as they'd like.

Make up should be fun and not confined to age or mainstream limitations. I admire Illamasqua for continuously promoting this message and not churning out the monotonous, 'safe' looks that some brands stick to.

Human Fundamentalism features two eye shadow palettes, Fundamental (£30.00) which  includes glistening Liquid Metal in molten pewter to matt cream pigment in mint green. Bold yellow and rich violet are also thrown into the mix.

The Neutral Palette (£30.00) is ‘a Kardashians dream’. Create a perfect sex-kitten smoky eye using Illamasqua’s new antique gold shade, Vintage and matt shades Stealth (creamy buttermilk) and Wolf (rich chocolate brown). Obsidian (rich black) adds depth to a classic look.

Eye shadow palette swatches - love 'em both!

New polishes -Stance (fuchsia violet) and Nomad (Bright Jade). £13.50 each.

Nail art designed by manicurist and nail tech, Rebecca Jade Wilson

Check out the new Limited Edition Skin Base Foundation in Au (£25), the chemical symbol for gold. This contains tiny flecks of metallic shimmer. Great for ALL skin tones, you can mix this with moisturiser or foundation, use it as an eye primer, a cheek contour or wear it alone or a luminous effect.

Singe eye shadows!

Lipstick swatches, single eye shadow and precision ink swatches

I dare you to take your lip colour up a notch with Apocalips, a vibrant teal shade. Failing that, don a scarlet pout with Box, a rich red. Both priced £15.50.

Alex Box was also on hand showing off the Human Fundamentalism collection in all its glory. 

Personally, I love both the eye palettes, the idea of the new Skin Base and dare I say it, the teal lipstick! No, I can't ever envisage doing the weekly shop down in Tesco wearing it, but the promo image is pure fiyah!!

Human Fundamentalism is available worldwide from March 14th, online from and at Sephora.

So, first impressions? What do you guys think? 

9 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sharon said...

Awesome,I so want the polishes and red lipstick if it suits me. Great swatches hun thanks for sharing<3

MrAJBx3 said...

I actually cant wait to get my hands on everything!! <3

Corallista said...

love the red lipstick and the teal eye shadow!

Liparazzi said...

Great post! I love how they always go for something totally unique and different. Kudos to them for sticking to their offbeat style. Loving the nail colours and both palettes :)

Jazz said...

Oh gosh, those nail polishes are GORGEOUS!

Jazz xo

Joany said...

I love the neutral eye shadows and the Nomad (Bright Jade)nail polish x

The Dollymix Diaries said...

I love this collection, especially the neutral palette and the fucshia nail polish! x

Maria Jose Ovalle said...

I am LOVING those nail colours. Fuschia it is!
Maria @verybusymama

nikkistyle™ said...

The polishes are beautiful colors ;-)


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