Review: Glycolic Peel at Sk:n Clinic

Since turning the big 3-0, I am all about anti-ageing treatments, so when I was given the opportunity to review a microdermabrasion treatment, I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth!

I was vaguely aware of Sk:n clinics prior to my visit. They're a company that I've been subtly exposed to on a number of occasions, over the years. I'm sure I've seen them advertised in the back pages of women's magazines, where you're also likely to find plastic surgeons, weight loss plans and dodgy online stores, selling even dodgier wares! I think I may have even caught a TV ad - I may be mistaken about that though.

After a cancelled appt and then an unfortunate incident where I turned up to the London Wall clinic to find it closed (it had been shut early due to staff illlness, but nobody had bothered to notify me. I later received an email claiming that I had indeed been contacted ..but again I'll reiterate that I wasn't), I eventually arrived a couple of weeks later to have my microdermabrasion treatment.

Sk:n Clinic - London Wall. Image from Google.

Google Image - not the London Wall branch, but they all a similar design/layout.

Upon arrival, I was met with confusion "You've definitely been booked for microdermabrasion?" asked the friendly woman on reception. "Yep, that's it", I replied, bemused, yet somewhat irritated because at this point, I just wanted to get it over and done with. It turns out that microdermabrasion is not carried out on black skin at Sk:in Clinics, as we're more prone to scarring from the treatment. Okay, that's fine , although I was confused as I've read a number of reviews dotted around the internet by black women who've successfully had a number of sessions performed on their skin with no side-effects.

It was recommended instead, that I try a gylcolic peel instead.

I was asked to complete a consent form, which also assessed my skin type, associated skin conditions and known reactions to similar treatments. I was then taken to a nearby treatment room, where Zoe my beauty therapist went through the questions I've answered, explained what the process would be and answered my queries.

She then looked at my face through a weird machine, so she could assess how bad my pigmentation was. Surprisingly I was told that it was treatable and not as bad as I thought. She also highlighted that I was oily around my nose and t-zone but that overall my skin was in good condition. This was news to me, as I think it's pretty rubbish.

She began the actual treatment by cleansing my skin with a gylcolic foaming cleanser. Then she applied the 10.8% glycolic gel for a total of four minutes. After one minute, she rubbed the gel into my pigmentation marks It wasn't painful and on a scale of 1-10, I'd describe the tingling I felt as a 3 - obviously, everybody reacts differently to this though.

Once the four minutes were up, the gel was removed with water and bicarbonate soda to ensure it had completely neutralized.

An oil reducing moisturiser was applied, then a hyaluronic based product to hydrate the skin, a product that contained kojic acid to help with my pigmentation and a product with a high concentration of mandelic and salicylic acic to combat any excess oil on my skin. My skin was then prepped with an SPF30 moisturiser.

And that was it - all in all the actual process itself took no more than say 20 minutes or so. My skin felt very smooth and having expressed my concern at walking out of the clinic make-up free, I was introduced to a foundation gel by the name of Lycogel which I could apply straight afterwards, which enabled my skin to breath properly. I'd bought along my Bare Minerals foundation to slap on afterwards but thought I'd give this a go instead. The shade wasn't quite right after testing it on my jaw, so I used my Bare Minerals and off I went.

When I got home 15 mins later, I did notice dryness down the sides of my nose and around my chin area, but wasn't too phased by this as I'd been warned that dryness was to be expected. The dryness lasted for approximately 2-3 days and so I made sure I used a slightly heavier moisturiser to boost my dry areas.

Sk:n Clinics advise that each client starts with a selection of 2-3 products which they'll recommend to you.  These are to be used daily between In-Clinic peels - a cleanser, a corrective product to combat the clients main concerns i.e pigmentation, acne, aging and all clients should be wearing an spf 30 all year round.

A course of eight treatments is recommended in order to see full benefits and whilst I'm keen to book follow up treatments to see what difference I'd benefit from in the long run. I've left it too long after my first treatment so would be starting from scratch again should I have another. My skin appeared a little brighter than usual some 4-5 days later but had reverted back to normal after about a week and a half.

A glycolic peel at Sk:in Clinic will set you back £80. You can currently buy 3 for 2 priced £160 as currently seen on the website.

Have any of you tried glycolic peels and if so, how many treatments did you have and were you pleased with the results?

*Treatment provided courtesy of PR

10 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

A Lauren to Herself said...

You are 30! Bloody ell, Yinka - you look much younger : ) Would love a glycolic peel, may look into this x

Sharon said...

Ur posts are always fun to read hun. I hate when companies claim2have contacted u and they haven't. Have never had any facials done but its nevr too early to start is it@25? Which other ones have u done before would u recommend hun? U look fab to be 30<3

Yinka said...

@Lauren - Indeed I am (don't remind me LOL). Cheers love x

@Sharon - Yeah, I wasn't best pleased, but these things happen. I really rate Murad facials, EOS Beauty do the cheapest I've found in London

browngirlfriendly said...

Thanks for the post! Based on your experience, is this a treatment you would do again for the full 8 treatments they recommend?

jazzqueen64 said...

Yep, I've had peels & microdermobrasion, I complained after the first course of 6 and I could see no improvement, so they gave me another course of 6, still couldn't see any improve and they couldn't prove that there was any improvement, after a tremendous amuont of fuss and complaining to the Ombudsman I got my money back £600!!! A lot of money for no results, I'm not saying it won't work for anyone else but it did nothing for me, just caused agro. Sorry to put a negative on your post which was really interesting to read x

Yinka said...

@browngirlfriendly - I'm tempted to have a course of 6 done just to see what will happen. I made enquiries at a salon in Hendon which was recommended on Twitter, to me this morning.

@jazzqueen64 - Oh wow! Pleased you got your money back, but yeah I can imagine the stress you went through before you got that cheque in the post! I'm on the fence..I read reviews where people have had great results and then others which deem them a waste of time (not to mention money as they're not cheap!). Thanks for sharing your experience :-)

Computergirl said...

Woops, a few hiccups there! Glad it turned out ok though. I haven treid a few treatments and been quite impressed with the results. xx

Yinka said...

@Computergirl - Yeah, just a few! LOL What difference did you notice?

senorita carmen said...

I tried it once as I had quite a bit of scarring under my chin from constant hair removal for my PCOS. It stung and cleared it a bit until the next day when my hair removal process started again. So for me a no-no. Ipl on the other hand has cleared up all my scarring x

dijasworld said...

Don't see why they couldn't give you the microdermabrasion. I've had it a few times with no adverse effects. Perhaps they've had one or two bad cases. Nevertheless, should have checked with you before booking you in. Glad it all worked out (somewhat) in the end though.
I tried to use SKIN a few years back, but was faffed around so much, I never actually got to have a treatment.


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