Colladeen Visage - Skin Plumping AND SPF in a Pill?

For the past four weeks I've been trialling a skincare product, which claims to work wonders - no change there, don't they all? Colladeen Visage is already available to buy and is marketed as a complexion enhancer, however a new version has recently been launched which trials have proven protect the skin up to SPF10.

Colladeen Visage contains plant chemicals lutein and anthocyanidins, which help the body build a basic barrier against harmful rays.

Now I've been dutifully taking two pills a day as instructed and I've been told on three separate occasions that my skin is looking well over the past few weeks. Personally I think it's down to how much care I've taken with my make up on the mornings in question, but who knows, perhaps the Colladeen is adding to its current vibrance.

I have a two month supply and will continue to take them until they're finished, but it's unlikely that I'll repurchase for now. I have more than enough supplements to work my way through and combined with healthy eating and exercise I'm sure they'll continue to do just as great a job.

They don't cost the earth either at £18.95 for a month's supply and you can find Colladeen Visage at

Would you be tempted to try a pill which offered you sun protection or are you more likely to stick with traditional methods such as moisturisers?

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