The Nail Files - Misa Grey Matters

The weather's been a bit gloomy with sporadic showers today, and my nail polish choice mirrors the current climate.

Grey Matters by Misa is a cool light grey, infused with dark grey and silver specks. Up close it reminds me of birds eggs and looks so cool. A nice alternative to a plain grey which can dull the skin if the shade isn't right.

Grey Matters up close

I bought this in November, from Transdesign. I don't think they ship to the UK (I only order from them when stateside) but check, just in case circumstances have changed.

Two thin coats give perfect opacity and I'm really pleased I ordered this.

What colour nails are you sporting today? Oh and Happy Easter everybody!

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Imo said...

I like this bluey grey. Im gonna do a nude today me thinks

Rhonda said...

I have one grey polish... wet cement by Sally Hansen. I like the one you just showed!


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