Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere - Me Likey!

It's true what they say, Chanel really does make a girl feel special and that's how I've been feeling each morning as I apply my new favourite foundation - Perfection Lumiere.

Since using up a few samples from counter after I spotted their new darker foundation shades, I've since purchased a full size bottle and it's been my go-to base ever since. I love this foundation. It's the perfect shade match for me (No. 94), blends well and lasts on average approximately six hours on me before I need to blot away shine - my skin tends to get quite oily by early afternoon and needs a touch up.

For obvious reasons, this is the first foundation I've tried by Chanel, but I'm pretty impressed with
the accuracy of the shade I use to match my skin tone. There are 23 shades in total, so check it out next time you pass by a counter and pick up a couple of samples as a commitment to this doesn't come cheap.

All I need are two small squirts of this on the back of my hand and I get medium to full coverage with a radiant finish. I like the finish it gives me, as it definitely 'brightens' me and doesn't leave a dull cast on my skin. It also has an unexpected pleasant scent to it too - kinda fruity! Good stuff.

How much is it? £36
Where can I buy it from? Chanel counters nationwide,

8 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Epiphannie A said...

I really want to try out the Chanel foundation but its a bit pricey, and I'm not sure if I want to become obsessed with a foundation that cost roughly a weeks worth of grocery shopping loooool

The Dollymix Diaries said...

Reading your review makes me want to go and check it out! Thanks :)

Steph (Nerd About Town) said...

Ahhhhh I'm JUST about to post about this too! I LOVE IT. I bought it about 4 days ago and it's just so.. luxurious. A fab investment buy!

Rachel said...

I really want to try this foundation however the price tag always puts me off! x

Chelly1M said...

Hi, I just want to confirm that the now have the full shade range available in the UK because I really love this foundation but the shade I needed was No 54 beige ambre which wasn't available in the UK. I ended up getting it from the US but have been using it sparingly for fear of running out. If I can get here I can use at my leisure :)

Chelly1M said...

Hi I just wanted to confirm that the UK now have the full shade range available in the UK. I am shade No 54 beige ambre which I was unable to purchase. I ended getting it from the US instead but have been using it sparingly for fear of running out. I love this foundation and would love to use at my leisure if I can actually buy here in the UK. Would love to here your take if you know :)

Silver Lips said...

I love this foundation!!!! And you are so right two squirts is all you need to cover the entire face nicely.

Get Gawjus! said...

Aah sounds great and just the push I needed to get this in my life :) Perfect Lumiere it shall be!



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