The Nail Files: OPI MonSooner Or Later

I love a solid, vibrant polish for when the sun is shining,and shine it has in England over the past few days. This gorgeous super bright tomato orangey red creme is my favourite OPI polish to wear on my toes when the weather warms up and officially becomes sandal season - it just screams summer!

Now I would have blogged about this months ago, had my bottle not been jammed shut for the past year!! I went for a pedicure on Sunday and took the bottle with me and my nail girl was able to open it for me - I'm so pleased! Had I known it'd would take her 5 mins to crak open, I'd have taken it to her months ago!

It applies perfectly, no streaking, just the right consistency - the formula is perfect! Two coats are all you need, but it even looks pretty good after one coat. A super shiny topcoat (I used nails inc Kensington Cavier  45 Second Top Coat on my toes) completes the look.

Have you tried this shade? If so, then you know exactly what I'm talking about! Do NOT sleep on this OPI polish, it'll change your polish-wearing life as you know it.

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Lisa said...

I love OPI nail polishes! I think the brushes is one of the easiest and quickest one to apply compared to others. That colour is stunning on you :)

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Lovely shade :).

Sadie x


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