The Nail Files: Revlon Longwear Nail Enamel in Rain Forest

I have a lot of time for Revlon, it's definitely one of my favourite high street beauty brands. I spied their Longwear Nail Enamel polishes in CVS and they caught my attention as I'd never seen them before. A spot of online research revealed that they were released at the start of the year.

Revlon Longwear Nail Enamel comes in 32 shades, mirrors a gel-like shine and when worn with base and topcoat claims to give shatterproof colour for up to 11 days. The formula is based on a unique combination of resin and high molecular weight polymers (don't fall asleep, stay with me!) designed to provide flexible, shatterproof colour with excellent colour retention and gloss.

The stand I spotted them on, didn't have many shades left, which in my eyes translated that they must be pretty good in order for them to be almost sold out. I was immediately drawn to Rain Forest, a rich forest green with light green shimmer infused throughout it, and flung it in my basket as from memory I didn't own a polish like it.

Apologies for my swatches, the sun had well and truly GONE when I woke up from my slumber yesterday evening and I really struggled to get half decent pics, without the use of flash.

Swatch perfection courtesy of Vampy Varnish

Despite being a shimmery polish, the base is super-smooth. I adore the finish and my only regret is that I didn't have time to scour more branches, for more shades. I'd have happily picked up another 10! Rain Forest only needed two coats to give full coverage.

Whether or not this lasts over a week chip-free remains to be seen another time as I have too many other polishes I want to swatch and play with at the moment! Even if it were to last just three days I really don't care, I love the colour that much.

These polishes are priced $7.99 from Walgreens and CVS and will be top of my list when I'm next across the Atlantic. I have no idea if these will eventually become available in the UK.

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Karolina said...

This looks beautiful! I rreally do hope they are released in the UK! :) x

Trina J Makeup said...

I am loving the nail color!:)
Thamks for sharing:)

Sabina said...

wow pretty colour,looks really nice with your skintone x


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