Review: Thai Square Spa, Covent Garden

A few weeks ago, I hauled my aching bones to the Thai Square Spa, a day spa located on a quiet side street in the heart of Covent Garden. As I walked through the doors, I was immediately transported to the Far East - cheesy as hell, but true! Recently refurbished and extended in December 2011, my surroundings oozed regal grandeur and their treatment menu boasts a range of authentic Thai treatments.


As I sat in reception, I took in my surroundings marvelling at the immaculate mani/pedi area with an extensive display of polishes to choose from. Already impressed by what I was seeing, I was further taken aback when shown the dining area at the rear or the spa, which is almost completed. It looks like a Michelin rated  restaurant!

I was swiftly introduced to my therapist, Hae, who took me downstairs where I slipped off my shoes and was presented with spa slippers. She also handed me a towelling robe and paper knickers to change into. I was then taken to the changing room, where I changed and placed my belongings in the secure lockers available.

Once in the treatment room, the first step was a foot wash and massage. My feet were placed in a large bowl with salts and orchids. I was then given a cup of Thai herbal tea to drink and directed to lie down on the massage table.

I chose to experience the Definite Detox Ritual, a two hour treatment which began with a 'Spice and Shine Scrub' being applied all over my body to exfoliate my skin. Hae expertedly applied it limb to limb, taking care to not disturb the towel which was strategically covering my modesty. The scrub was then removed thoroughly with hot towels which felt very relaxing.

Next, 'Asian Invasion Detox Clay', was spread all over my arms, legs and back to draw out toxins and impurities within the skin. I was asked if I'd like it massaged over my boobs - but I politely declined. As I lay on my back, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful brickwork on the ceilings and walls, the spa has the perfect mix of modern and rustic decor.

Once the warm clay has been applied, I wrapped up in towels from head to toe and left to lie on the massage table. I felt like a tortilla wrap - it was kinda fun though an I made myself giggle as I imagined the fire alarm going off at that precise moment! After 10 mins or so, Hae returned to the room, unravelled the towels and asked me to step into the adjoining shower room where I washed off the mask and any remaining body scrub granules, to reveal super smooth skin. The shower room was spacious and clean with plenty of clean towels within easy reach and the shower itself powerful with simple temperature control.

Couples treatment room

Finally, the treatment was then further complimented with a unique massage technique to speed up metabolism and stimulate toxin elimination. The massage oil used contained cinnamon, camphor and black pepper which ensured skin rejuvenation and gave me a sense of complete relaxation. The massage was extremely thorough, resulting in tense knots in my shoulders being pummeled out

Relaxation Room

All too often I find that treatments finish before the time specified or overrun but exactly two hours later my Definite Detox Ritual was over - and how sad was I! My therapist was so attentive, ensuring I was comfortable and at ease throughout and my experience from start to finish was perfection.

As I left Thai Square Spa, I couldn't help but let out a redundant sigh as the hustle and bustle of city life, yanked me back to reality. My unforgettable visit to the Far East ended all too soon.

The Definite Detox Ritual costs £182 for a two hour treatment..All treatments include a complimentary refreshment and traditional Thai foot wash and massage.

Thai Square Spa
25 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
Tel: 0207 240 6090

For more info and prices, check out the website here

*This complimentary treatment was provided free of charge 

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

lunamac said...

Yinka, you deserve a fab timeout at that wonderful looking spa. Glad you are back and blogging again. Absolutely love the birdseye view of our hometown.

Daisy said...

Ooh how beautiful is the spa?! Gorgeous! Sounds like an amazing treatment too- made me feel relaxed just reading it :) x


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