Trilogy Certified Rosehip Oil - Worth the Hype?

You can guarantee that whenever a celebrity mentions a product as their skincare saviour, it'll fly off the shelves.  The most recent product to receive a barrage of press attention has been Rosehip Oil, after Victoria's Secrets model, Miranda Kerr claimed to use it to boost her complexion.  Media sources such as The Daily Mail were quick to cite Trilogy's Certified Organic Rosehip Oil as a recommended product, which  made my ears prick up as I've been using this on/off for months.

Miranda Kerr sans make up sporting glowy skin.

Miranda all made up, as we're used to seeing her

Rosehip oil has long been recommended as a remedy for healing scars, pits and other skin blemishes, including stretchmarks.

I use this as a night treatment, only needing a few drops to cover my face and neck area. Sometimes I use it on its own, on other occasions I apply a moisturiser over the top. Each time I use it, I wake up with really refreshed skin which feels supple. I particularly like using this after I've exfoliated as I can feel the effects immediately after application as my skin feels incredibly soft to the touch.

This small 20ml bottle has lasted me absolutely ages - over a year with occasional use and after the recent press attention it's got. I now feel compelled to use it more often - at least 5 nights a week. It was one of the skincare products I chose to take away with me to New York, which I think says a lot considering how many I own to choose from! I only have a small amount left in my bottle, but will definitely be repurchasing it.

You can buy Trilogy Certified Rosehip Oil from Holland & Barrett here in either a 20ml (£16.50) or 45ml (£28.60) bottle. Find it here.

Are you a fan of natural oils for your facial skincare? I remember going through a phase of using Vitamin E oil at night, but I bought such a high concentration (the higher the IU, the more effective it is) I found it too heavy and super greasy for my skin, to use on a daily basis and abandoned it after a few days.

*PR sample

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Karolina said...

I find that the trilogy products are a hit and miss. I have a few products that I think are amazing, and some of the others that I don't even reach for!

City Girl's Fashion Box said...

I LOVE Rose Hip Oil! I went to a random press day for Trilogy, fell in love with the entire company. I didn't really care for oils tbh but after giving it a whirl and reading up on its benefits, the amazing soft skin the morning speaks for its self! Also think its fab value for money too xxx

Sack The Stylist said...

I absolutely love this oil - gives my skin a real glow after exfoliating especially, like you said. However I go through about 4 bottles a year :/. I did find a just as good, not as nice smelling but works the same, more in the bottle and half the price by a company called Fushi check it out, they seem to do a range of other oils too. xxx

lunamac said...

Hi Yinka, I do love oils and have been using pur Argan Oil and it's great. I am going to try this Rosehip Oil for definite. I have dry as a bone skin.

Yinka said...

@Karolina - I think I have some other skincare by them somewhere. I need to find it.

@City Girl's Fashion Box - I wanted to go to that, but couldn't get the time off work. I think the oil is brilliant.

@Sack the Stylist - Wow you use yours far more than I do mine. I think now that I'm upping my usage I'll def go through more than one bottle a year. Fushi...gna check that out right now. Thanks!

@lunamac - Def give it a whirl, I think it'll work wonders for you. said...

I love rose hip oil and use this exact one. It lasts ages with occasional use and makes such a difference, especially when used over night. Good call!

Hellcandy said...

I use this product every night before I go to it. Unlike many facial oils, this is 100% rosehip oil without any additional bases.

Fab for long haul flights too!

Esmej said...

Rose Hip Oil is great for combination skin too. I used it once a week!


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