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Hey, hey, hey! I'm baaaaack!

I had a fab time in Bodrum with the girls. The weather was steaming hot every day, it peaked at 40 degrees at one point - luckily that was the day we were at a waterpark for most of the day! Our days consisted of lying lazily on the beach, by the pool and taking full advantage of the all-inclusive cocktails at our hotel bars! If I never have another Sex On The Beach, it'll be too soon!

We even experienced an earthquake tremor on day one - beat THAT for holiday drama! It was totally surreal. Naturally, the first thing I did once I realised it wasn't the girls messing around, making my sun lounger wobble, was turn around and make sure a flippin' tsunami wasn't about to wash us away! I've since been told what we experienced actually measured 5.7 on the Richter scale. Crazy!

We visited a traditional Turkish bath (interesting experience, blog post coming up on that soon), and the famous market. However fake Chanel and Mulberry bags and tops sporting 'Abercrumble and Fish', really aren't my thing!

We were a couple of mins away from the infamous Bar Street, a packed strip of bars and clubs which cater for those who have no intention of going to sleep at night. Trying to dodge the persistent catcalls of "Free shots! Girls! Girls, come here!" proved to be a little tedious at times, but we took it in our stride. The Turkish men we encountered were really something else. I can't even repeat half the things yelled at us!

Here are a few pics:

Dinner on the beach at sunset

Dinner one night on the roof of one of the hotel restaurants...

...and the view as we ate.

Pool bar, which we frequented. Regularly. Like, every 10 mins!

My typical view on the beach, when manky, mistreated camels weren't being dragged past me!

Dinner on the beach

It was quite refreshing, going make up free during the day and letting my skin breath. Some nights I only bothered with coloured eye liner, powder and a slick of gloss. With that said, I packed far too much make up 'just in case', I decided I wanted to use a particular product. I'm in no doubt that this was the reason why my luggage was overweight! 

I caught the sun - too much of it in fact, after stupidly sitting in it straight for six hours on the first day (I was wearing SPF30 at the time) and suffered terrible heat rash, which worsened as the week went on. It's almost all gone now, but as I showed the girls my bright pink legs, all I could do was wallow in self-pity and knock back yet another cocktail! I'll be booking myself in for a full body scrub as soon as I'm 'fully healed'.

My Mum took it upon herself to give me a telling-off the second I walked through the door exclaiming "OMG! You're so black! (Erm, pray tell what colour I was before I departed?!) and then proceeded to tell me the importance of staying out of the sun - lesson learnt and heard loud and clear, don't worry!

I haven't blogged for two weeks and I've really missed it. I wish I could take a week off work and blog instead. I have so much to write about. Ahhh, if only!

Anyway, I hope you're all well! Have any of you got holidays planned or just got back yourself from a stint in the sunshine? Oh and who's been to Bodrum? I want to compare notes LOL

On a side note, what the hell is happening with the weather in England? Not impressed. At all. I don't wanna hear any nonsense about us having a late 'Indian Summer' instead, cos we never do - the weathermen just lie!

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Lydia said...

We had an earthquake in Turkey too, I genuinely thought my friend was wobbling my sun lounger! And i'm not sure I've drank a Sex On The Beach since my holiday last year either, well 'Love On The Beach' as it was called since there were kids in the hotel! xx

Sirvinya said...

I went to Bodrum in 2010 and sweated myself to death for a week! We went a bit later on the in the summer and the lowest temperature we got was about 38C. I came home with a bag of Turkish make up! Beautiful place, but a little too hot for me.

Wande's World - A beauty and lifestyle blog for women of colour said...

love your holiay snaps :) looks gorg! Oh I want a holiday now loool

Yinka said...

@Lydia - Such a weird experience, isn't it? LOL @ "Love On The Beach".

@Sirvinya - Wow! I know what you mean. It was TOO hot. Minimal movement all round!

@Wande - Cheers love! Start planning...!

Sankofa said...

Nice to have you back blogging. Your holiday looked like so much fun. I just got back from Ghana and I went through London before coming to Atlanta and those few hours cold were enough for me! London will always be my home but I do NOT miss the weather.

IceQueen said...

Recently just came back from Cancun, Mexico. It was great, loved waking up to sunshine everyday!

I have heard about Turkey, Im guessing you got the cat calls of "chocolate girls" hahahaha


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