Filthy Gorgeous Heavy Metal Magnetic Polish - Gold Digger

I've managed to resist the magnetic nail polish trend so far. When the first offerings came out, I was curious, but as I was quickly bombarded by a million swatches in the space of two minutes on my Blogger dashboard, my interest quickly waned and I didn't feel an overwhelming urge to try them out.

Well say hello to Gold Digger, a high metallic liquid gold from British beauty brand, Filthy Gorgeous. The sparkles in the bottle made me want to apply it straightaway - and so I did! I dutifully followed the instructions and waited for something amazing to happen *cue radio silence*

Gold Digger up close

Confused, and aware that my wet polish was drying quickly I frantically continued to hold the bottle cap over my nails (the magnet is concealed in the cap). Still nothing. What was I doing wrong? I scanned the instructions again, I was 'doing it right', so why wasn't it working? I wiped the polish off a couple of fingers and reapplied, again holding the cap over my nails and gently moving it from side to side in the hope of activating something. Nah, nothing happened. At all.

At this point, I was royally fed up, called it a night and this is where my dabble into the world of magnetic polish ended! I can't be bothered with it and it's a shame as it had the potential to look really good. I must have received a dodgy bottle, but in my opinion, when marketing such a unique selling point your product needs to be on the ball - especially if it costs 12 quid! There's no room for error. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I read that the Barry M magnetic polishes were causing a few users problems too. I'll be sticking to 'normal' polish from now on.

Filthy Gorgeous also have another magnetic shade, Heart Breaker, which is described as a rich jewelled red metallic. They cost £12 and can be found in select Debenhams stores across the UK, Fenwick in Newcastle, Jarrold in Norwich or online at

*PR sample,

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

RChelle Mullins said...

I've been wondering if I should try the magnetic polishes. That totally sucks that it didn't work! I would have been so upset!

Yinka said...

@RChelle Mullins - I'd rec you try a cheaper brand first. Less disappointment that way. I was quite upset it didn't work actually. I got myself so hyped up and it was a total flop LOL

jobetterdays said...

Did you give it a good shake before you applied it? Sometimes the magnetic particles sink to the bottom. I usually do 1 coat on all finger nails then paint on the 2nd coat and hold the magnet over for 20 seconds or so one finger at a time.


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