Another perfume dupe? Zara Black EDT

At the weekend, I had a big clearout and stumbled upon my Travalo, which was still full of the remainder of my Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb bottle. I made a vow to make time to track down the much talked about Zara dupe.

Whilst unexpectedly finding myself in Zara last night, I caught sight of their own brand fragrances and made a beeline for them, hoping to discover this bargain copy for myself.

A quick sniff of the testers on display, and I'd found it - or so I thought! Zara Black bore some similarity to Flowerbomb when I sprayed it instore, but when I got home the more I smelt it, the more it reminded me of another fragrance...Narciso Rodriguez For Her!

A quick Google reveals that the scent which originally created the buzz as the Flowerbomb dupe is in fact, Zara Black Peony.

Either way, I'm a very happy bunny. It makes for a lovely evening scent and now naturally, I have to go back and buy Black Peony! I was in a bit of a rush so didn't take the time to smell their other scents but for the price of them, it'd be rude not to.

How much is it? £6.90 (30ml)
Where Can I buy it?  Zara of course!

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sarah said...

What an amazing price!

Sarah xx

Big Fashionista said...

I KEEP forgetting to look for this. Thanks for reminding me. I always have a bottle of Flowerbomb but funds are low and would be great to find the dupe from Zara

Sharon said...

sounds amaze,would love to try it!

Sami said...

I'm so glad you've discovered a dupe... Flowerbomb costs... well, a BOMB so it's nice to see there's an alternative :)

Stephanie said...

Mate from when I saw the price, I was already sold. 6 paand u know!

Price aside, I really like the bottle, it's really classy and something i'll deffo check out this saturday!

Thrifty Fridays said...

Sounds great and what a bargain!

Laurenlovesmakeup'xoxo said...

This sounds lovely, i would love to try it some time!


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