Kiehls Aromatic Blends Collection

When I think of Kiehls, I immediately think of their bestselling body moisturiser, Creme de Corps (which I happen to think is highly overrated, but that's another blog post). I recently had a look at their latest collection of products and was keen to find out more about the brand.

 The new Aromatic Blends Collection sees the release of four new scents:

Fig Leaf & Sage
Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit
Orange Flower & Lychee
Vanilla & Cedarwood

Now I love the smell of vanilla. Candles, room sprays, perfumes, you name it - if it has vanilla in it, my nose is in it! It also brings back memories of when I was younger, when my brother and I would sneakily scoop eat ice-cream straight out of the tub - much to our mother's despair.

So naturally, the Vanilla & Cedarwood Aromatic Mist was definitely my fave of the four new scents, and I was really pleased to be given a bottle to try. I can't get enough this, the warm sweet vanilla notes work so well with the soft, woody hues of cedarwood.  I'm sniffing my wrist and groaning in appreciation as I type this post. I prefer this as an evening scent, or to wear on cooler days as I fear it'll be a little overpowering in warmer weather.

There are also matching body lotions and body cleanser available in the same scents too. The body cleanser is pretty good. The scent (vanilla & cedarwood, again) was pleasant enough, didn't smell particularly synthetic. I wasn't so impressed with the body lotion - far too light in consistency for me and reminded me of a popular high street brand which begins with 'V' and costs far less.

I'd recommend you check the scents out, they're the stand out product in this collection for me.

Available from September 2012

 Aromatic Blend RRP £48 (100ml) £26 (30ml)
Body Lotion £24 (250ml)
Body Cleanser £19 (250ml)

*PR samples

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City Girl's Fashion Box said...

Ohh not to pricey either! Cant wait to read your thoughts on the overrated body lotion, i always ponder over it xxx


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