The Nail Files: Revlon Sheer Seafoam

...and the award for Worst Nail Polish of 2012 goes to ...*drumroll* THIS!

What on earth were Revlon thinking when they signed off this awful, awful formula and included it in their Summer 2012 collection? At first glance, this was the perfect seafoam green in the bottle. I couldn't chuck it in my basket quick enough when I spied it in CVS and visualisd myself happily reapplying it all summer long. I had big plans for this nail polish.

So imagine my confusion and disappointment when after three coats, I ended up with this! This isn't flattering, leaves a pitiful hint of colour on the nail, has no opacity to it whatsoever and is streaky no matter how many coats you pile on.

Urgh, what IS this?!

A picture speaks a thousand words. Somebody explain the purpose of this polish, what exactly am I meant to do with it? Don't recommend I use it to layer over another polish, for I just don't see the point of that. The formula is so watered down, it renders itself utterly useless. Had I still be in NY when I swatched this, mark my words I've had marched straight back to CVS for a refund.

I usually love the offerings from Revlon, I own lots of their make up but this has left me thoroughly confused.

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Nana Adomah O-A said...

Are they taking the piss? This looks like one of those blue nail hardeners you always find floating around the place.

Yinka said...

@Nana - Well, this is it!

Samantha Marriott said...

That's so annoying! I hate sheer nail varnishes, i've never understood the point.

Great post!

Khadijat Ayodele said...

Oh NO! This is terrible. Just terrible.

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Huh! =/

Sharon said...

I jus had to laugh hehe not a fan of sheer polishes


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