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When the BB cream epidemic swept the beauty industry, like many others I was curious to try out this new wonder product which had already seen huge success in the asian cosmetics market, promised to transform the way we wear make up - but alas, I couldn't find a BB cream, for love nor money which catered for my skin colour. By the time we had at least six different BB creams being sold here, in the UK, I can't even begin to explain just how annoyed I was that my skin tone was being repeatedly ignored!

Unfortunately, it's taken well over a year for darker skins to finally be acknowledged and Sleek MakeUP have come to the rescue by creating a BB cream which matches my skin tone perfectly.

Enriched with red algae extract which provides anti-ageing properties, vitamin C to brighten the skin and vitamin E to protect from  the early stages of UV damage, the new Be Beautiful Blemish Balm is available in four shades - Fair, Light, Medium and Dark, which cover fair and darker skin tones.

I was sent Medium and Dark to try and surprisingly, I found Dark was the wrong match for me. It was far too dark for my NC50 MAC wearing skin. Medium, on the other hand, was a perfect match for me.

Containing SPF15, it provides a moisturising formula that creates a smooth base, concealing imperfections whilst preventing dehydration lines, due to the jojoba oil in it. I really like this and have worn it a number of times to give it a thorough road test.

This can be used as a primer, tinted moisturiser or even a concealer (just lightly pat onto redness, acne marks, dark spots, etc to blend). It's very multi-functional. I find Be Beautiful Blemish Balm offers excellent coverage, far more than I was expecting, and yet my skin doesn't feel weighed down by it at all. Apply one layer for medium coverage, wait for it to settle and then apply another if you require further coverage. I find it lasts pretty well, requiring a touch up of powder by noon to combat shine, but not disappearing altogether by 2pm! It layers easily and doesn't cake up on me.

This is a great value product, which performs really well and has a multitude of uses. Well done Sleek MakeUP!

How much is it? £8.99 (50ml) - available from August 29th 2012
Where can I buy it from? Sleek MakeUP online, Superdrug (selected branches)

14 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Leanne said...

I was hoping you'd review this, I was really curious to see what the darker shades were like!

Epiphannie A said...

I'm a bit surprised that the Dark was too dark for you to use as I tend to always gravitate towards the darkest option when concerning cosmetics.

Actually glad I didn't buy the dark shade now and will provably pay more attention to the medium shade

Epiphannie A: Beauty by a Disneyvore

scandalousbeauty said...

Ooh these look awesome! I can't wait to try them out!

Kelly said...

I need to get a UK buddy to swap with because I so wanna try this.

Mollance said...

This is on my ever expanding list of bases to try, glad its seeming good.

mizzworthy said...

coverage looks great on these - I def want to try this one!

Sharon said...

Awesome,you are e only person jus about my shade tho am a tad lighter I'm getting this, thanks for review&swatches!

Jennifer said...

I wonder what I would be?
Thanks for sharing.

Candice said...

The only other BB cream I've tried that caters for my dark skin is Origins, but at £27 I'll probably try this. Thanks for swatching!

Yewizzy said...

Lovee sleek makeup..excited to try this out, looks gorgy :D

Imo said...

FINALLY! Ive been really intrigued by BB creams for years, it took a bloody while for darker skins tones to be acknowledged.

MG said...

Ah, thanks for the review, this looks good!!

Have you tried GOSH? They have a BB cream in 'Expresso', which blends seamlessly into my NW45 MAC skin and also my boyf's much darker skin (don't ask!).

I was lucky enough to be given one to try and buy by a kind member of staff at a well known drugstore, who also sell Sleek products, a few weeks ago. She had some in their stock room and had seen me going round and round looking in vain for a BB cream for brown skin. It's not being officially released until this coming week too. I reviewed it on LHCF.

I may also pick up the Sleek one as it sounds more moisturizing from your review!

Anna B. said...

Definitely going to try it, great !

susana silva said...

I really wanted to try this product, but is still not avaiable at Portugal. kiss


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