Shu Uemura Rouge Limited Lipsticks - Swatches

I bought these ages ago (March, I think going by the dates on my photos), but as usual I've taken an age to write about them - what's new, but hey that's life.

Unbeknownst to her, it was Zara, writer of Mouldyfruit who was the reason behind me stopping by the Shu Uemura counter in Selfridges, one Saturday afternoon. I browsed for what seemed like an eternity, swatching to my hearts content, stepping outside to check the swatches in natural daylight (always so this if you can), before venturing back to the counter and choosing two lipsticks.

I opted for Rouge Unlimited (935) and Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine (934)  - the latter being a wearable peachy brown nude and the Rouge Unlimited, a high gloss pinky nude immersed with very fine shimmer, which is surprisingly flattering on the lips.

The futuristic style, plastic packaging could be a bit more extravagant, given the price and I do feel a bit cheated, not to have been treated to more in the way of the packaging design.

Left - Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine 934
Right - Supreme Shine 935

Supreme Shine 935

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine 934

Shu Uemura lipsticks don't come cheap, respectively priced at £19 and £20 and although I opted for 'safe' shades, I've sought comfort from the fact that I've used them both to death, rather than get home and stash them at the back of a drawer (like I did with a purple Shu lipstick I bought months ago!), having chickened out of wearing brighter shades and consequently wasting my money.

Both lipsticks feel very moisturising, when applied and kept my lips feeling supple. Reapplication was esy too, and they didn't go 'all bitsy' on my lips after a couple of hours, like many MAC lipsticks do. Would I repurchase them? Hmm I'm not sure. I know I can probably  find similar shades cheaper elsewhere. but I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and my curiosity has now been satisfied.

*Since drafting this post three weeks ago, my Rouge Unimited (935) has snapped (aaargh!) and I'm left wit h a teeny stump. I think I may actually repurchase it after all, cos it's a bloody good nude!!

Do you splash out on high end lipsticks or are you firmly a high street girl?

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Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...


Epiphannie A said...

I think I might actually have to go and swatch these because i love the way they swatch on your lips (not sure about the hand swatches) but I really, really don't like the packaging loooool

I feel a bit silly saying that I'm tempted not to buy the lipstick because of the packaging but oh well

Epiphannie A: Beauty by a Disnyevore

sexnmakeupdiaries said...

Hi, I love your blog, so just to let you know I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. x,

Sharon said...

Those seem great, I have a hard time wearing nudes lol I love me some pop of colour daily. Looks really nice on ur skintone!


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