USculpt Boobs Minus - Breast Reduction in a Bottle?

USculpt Boobs Minus claims to be the first of its kind in the market – instead of being a cream to increase the bust, it works on decreasing it.  And whilst its founder, Ultimo’s Michelle Mone, may be most famous for enhancing the breasts of the nation with her lingerie, she is answering the prayers of big-busted women – and moob-wearing men – everywhere with a ‘breast reduction in a bottle.’

But how does it work? The lotion is said to stimulate the release of skin euphoria molecules and endorphines with firm the bust area whilst the extra ingredient of botanical alpha-2 blockers assists the breakdown of fats and other lipids that can cause fat around the chest. The cynic in me however, requires to see a multitude of before and after pics to believe this that this really works.

Boobs Minus, available from Boots priced at £39.50 and UltimoBeauty, is part of the new USculpt range from Ultimo Beauty, which launched UTan earlier this year.

Tired of your big boobs? Would you tempted to splash out on this? As much as mine have the tendency to annoy me, I think I'll give this a miss...

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