GUEST POST: The Body Shop and Melissa Diamantidi at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, London Fashion Week

If you've been on Twitter or Facebook over the past week, it would have been increasingly difficult not to have seen the #LFW hashtag or a London Fashion Week related Facebook post pop up on your feed by a number of beauty and fashion brands.

Unable to attend a show as a guest of The Body Shop, a quick call out on Twitter for somebody to take my place, caught the attention of Abbie, one of the bloggers behind fashion blog Becoming R.A.J.E, who stepped up to fill my shoes.

I'll be quiet now and hand over to Abbie - happy reading!

Walking through the streets of London during Fashion Week is always an adventure, there is a guaranteed  array of glamourous and outlandish looks to feat your eyes on.  This time was no different, except I was walking past a queue right up to the front door of Freemason's Hall in Covent Garden to join the lovely girls at Body Shop for the Melissa Diamantidi catwalk show.  

The Body Shop have been the official make-up sponsors of Vauxhall Fashion Scout in London Fashion Week for the past three years.  Vauxhall Fashion Scout showcases new and established designers, providing a platform for exciting design within the industry and has gained a reputation for innovation and professionalism.

While we waited for the show to start, and I sipped my non-alcoholic, naturally flavoured carbonated water cocktail (essentially Schloer, no?)  I was filled in about the exciting new range of Body Shop make-up due to launch in February 2013.  Get excited girls, this range is hot stuff.  

Colour Crush is a range of 30 eye colours in 7 tone families, neutrals, greens, purples etc.  Each tone family is also a palette within itself, enabling you to create, for instance a smoky eye look in browns, in purples, in neutrals, etc.  The range provides a complete colour palette that any make-up artist would be happy to work with.  And this is just what Lan Nguyen, head make-up artist at VFS has done, creating individual looks for the shows using make-up exclusively from The Body Shop. 

What is special about the Colour Crush range is first it's intense pigmentation, the colour you see in the pot is the colour that appears, and stays put, on your skin.  Second is it's secret ingredient,  Marula Oil, which enables the colour to 'glide' over the skin, and makes it feel absolutely gorgeous as it goes on.  This oil is also fairly traded from a womens' co-operative in Namibia.  

And this reminds us why we love The Body Shop.  Even though no longer in the hands of the late, great Dame Anita Roddick, having been sold to L'Oreal in 2006, The Body Shop still retains it's value-driven approach to business.  

Talking to Zoe at the show, I learned The Body Shop customers really care about the values of the company and demand not only great product, but to know where it's come from, and that it's ingredients/ sourcing processes are helping the people involved and minimising harmful effects on the environment.

Show time.  We were ushered through the beautiful interiors of the Freemason's Hall to the show, and sat in excited anticipation.  The show didn't disappoint.  Diamantidi's collection was an ethereal parade of minimalist, easy-to-wear pieces in an array of whites and blacks, brought to life with pops of turquoise.  

Get in on the action, with The Body Shop backstage

The models make-up reflected the look of the collection perfectly, with minimal colour on the face, and flashes of eyeshadow in turquoise or fuchsia applied directly underneath the eyebrows.  

A x

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

City Girl's Fashion Box said...

Really enjoyed reading this Abbie! xx

Sharon said...

Great post, e colour crush range looks beautiful! I love body shop products

liloo said...

very excited about the eye shadows. do you know how many red eyeshadows can be found on the high stree? zero. that's how many! top shop does one but it's very raspberry. bring on february 2013. woooooooo liloo/@tsunimee xx


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