Review: NEW! Lady Gaga Fame EDP

When news first leaked that flamboyant popster, Lady Gaga was set to release her own fragrance, the rumour mill went into overdrive and peaked at a ridiculous level of hysteria. Remember when we were spoon-fed by the media that it would contain real extracts of blood and semen?!

The reality of course, is that the long awaited fragrance features neither but clearly embodies the unique selling points which make Lady Gaga the successful artist she is. For a start,  Lady Gaga Fame is the first ever black EDP that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne. That alone caused me to stare at the bottle in amazement. A black perfume? How weird, yet cool is that?

The black-to-clear fluid fleets between being dark and sensual are carries a wide range of notes within its concoction  Wearers are treated to an opulent fusion of honey, saffron and apricot nectar, and rich floral notes of tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. A heady combination, and certainly not for the faint hearted (although nowhere near as mind-blowing as YSL's Opium though, which is guaranteed to blow your head off!), the will easily last for hours, due to the strength and mixture of notes it contains.

Dark and mysterious, the gold emblem on the black box (which I soon realised mirrored the bottle lid) doesn't give much away, although it momentarily reminded me of some of the weird illuminati symbols, I see certain crazy people talking about non-stop on Twitter, but whatever, that's another blog post.

Personally, I love the bottle, I haven't seen anything like it in the fragrance world and it reminds me of something Superman would have been doing his utmost to protect planet earth from! Failing that, I think it looks like a new style hand grenade.I love the claw like bottle lid - very imaginative and complimentary against the sleek egg shaped bottle.

The scent itself I'm still on the fence over. It's quite a heady scent and can be overpowering so there's really no need to overdo the spraying here. It's definitely one for evening wear. I'd personally find it far too heavy for use during the day. I sprayed it on my wrist and left it for 40 minutes before deciding to rinse it off. Now an hour later, it smells just as strong and I've noted that it now smells distinctively masculine - I like boys but I don't want to smell like one! I actually think this could pass off as a unisex scent to be fair, as I just can't pigeon hole it under a female guise. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be reaching for again, as it just isn't for me, but if you like your perfume rugged, dark and seemingly deadly, then this may be the one for you.

Lady Gaga Fame EDP is due for release nationwide on 22 August 2012.

30ml - £25
50ml - £32
100ml - £55

*PR sample

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sharon said...

One is not so keen on the masculine fragrances,thanks for the review! said...

Looks intriguing :)

Molly McIsaac said...

I need it. It's black. I NEED IT.


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