Beating the Flu-ey Blues

A few weeks ago, the recent weather change knocked me for six and I immediately picked up a cold from heaven knows where. To be fair, I rarely get ill, but when I do, like many, it tends to hit me hard. Heavy headaches, constant runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, not to mention I could barely breathe - you name it, I had it.

I arrived home one evening to find this little lot waiting for me from Marie-Claire at the Boots Press Office, who had caught wind of how unwell I was feeling. It was totally unexpected and a lovely gesture, which I really appreciated.

I'm back to my normal self now, but the sniffles still kicked in every morning for a short period of time after the worst of my cold was over. Either way I'm ready to advance war against the lurgies should I be unlucky enough to pick up another cold at some point over the next few months.

As well as these remedies, I was also taking these Beecham Flu-Plus Caplets too. As luck would have it the items I were sent aren't on the Boots website except they Vitamin C tablets and multipack of tissues, but can be found instore.

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