Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Bliss Launch Limited Edition 'Glamour Gloves'.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is well under way and Bliss are just one of many beauty brands who are doing their bit to raise awareness and funds towards the fight against cancer.

Bliss have released a special pink version of their iconic blue Glamour Gloves. They still offer the same transforming hand treatment for dry hands which takes effect in just 20 mins and last for up to 50 wears.  They contain a hydrating layer of gel on the inside which contains Vitamin E, and olive and grape seed oils which does a great job of soothing and softening hands. The gloves feel gelatinous when pulled on - it's quite a strange, yet cool feeling. They cost £36.80, so not cheap, but hey, they're for a good cause!

No, I don't know why my watch is still on either...

To celebrate the launch, a small group of beauty bloggers were invited down to the Bliss Spa in South Kensington for a pamper-filled evening where we were treated to massages, manis and panis and the famous Bliss Oxygen Facial.

Also, before I forget Bliss are currently running a Twitter competition, where pink Glamour Glove owners can tweet a photo of themselves wearing their pink gloves, using the hashtag #SpreadTheGlove. The most creative picture will be selected at the end of October, and the winner will receive a pink iPad. Runners up will be treated to a selection of Bliss products and spa treatments.

More good news, Bliss will be donating £5,000 to Breast Cancer Care regardless of how many LE gloves are sold.

Find the limited edition Glamour Gloves over at

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