Buy One...Don't Stop at Three!

Boots are currently running their popular 3 for 2 offer across selected make up and skincare brands, so I popped in to pick up a couple of bits I've been wanting to try.

As you can, I didn't stop at a couple..

St Ives have recently had a makeover and introduced new products and repackaged golden oldies. I've been using the new Warming Scrub for the past few weeks and really like it (review coming up), so had a look at the rest of the products available.

In the past when I used the Apricot Scrub, I found it scratchy and rough, so abandoned it after a few uses as my skin would be red raw after use! I'm hoping I've either become more resistant to it (I last purchased it over a decade ago) or the new formulation is gentler on my skin. I was attracted to the Blemish Fighting version, suitable for oily or blemish prone skin and the Daily Microdermabrasion which is also new to me as the Botanics version I spoke of in a recent post was sold out! 

Having heard good things about the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess mascara, namely from LizaBelly - I bought it! It doesn't take much to enable me to waste spend more money on cosmetics and after seeing a photo she tweeted wearing it, I was sold. As I type, I've already applied it to eye and I've gotta say, it's not bad at all. I'll wear it to work tomorrow (on both eyes, I may add) and see how I get on with it throughout the day.

The new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints promise to deliver a highly pigmented, chip resistant formula, designed to give an extra glossy, gel-like finish with just one coat. Priced at just £3.99 each,  they won't break the bank and cost less than a set of Gelish or Shellac nails which will cost you more. I have to say, I was disappointed when I saw the shades released in this new range. I think they're so boring, and it would appear that everyone else buying them seems to think so as this is the shade that is flying off the shelves.  Pomegranate (a vibrant raspberry pink). C'mon Barry M, expand the shades available and make them a bit more exciting please!

Finally, I picked up one of the shades in Revlon's new Shanghai Collection. It's very similar to a Jessica polish  that I used for a manicure I was given at work last week, and believe it or not I don't have one similar - at least, I don't think so anyway. I flippin' hope not!  Nothing spectacular about the shade, just a nice creme berry, blood red, which will wear well through autumn and winter and go with everything.

Oh, I forgot to take another photo of the Botanics eye make up remover, but since I was singing its praises just two days ago, I didn't the need to wax lyrical about it again.

What have been your Boots 3 for 2 purchases?

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

I want to try both of those nail polishes, i didny know barry m came out with them!:)

Sharon said...

Great Purchases!

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

Yinks, I've been using the warming scrub and the microdermabrasion scrub for ages and I love them both.

The warming scrub is brilliant for 'debris' around the nose area. It feels like it doesn't do anything but it works really well.

The only thing I've bought in the three for two is those new Rimmel pencils but I have bought a load of shower gels and conditioner as they were on offer.


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