Review: Destination Skin - Agera Vit C Peel

I recently  popped along to DestinationSkin,  a national chain of registered clinics specialising in non-invasive, advanced technological treatments for anti ageing, permanent hair reduction and skin concerns.

My skin's been acting up over the past few weeks. I've developed breakouts around my jawline (hormone-related) and it's not as smooth as it usually is. I suppose, not taking my make up off every night and generally eating absolute rubbish for the past month has also been a factor!

Upon arrival at the City branch, which is a short distance from Liverpool Street station, I was handed a registration form, along with a long list of medical based questions to answer. Once completed I took a moment to take in my surroundings, in the prestine, clinical looking reception area.

My therapist Jenna, came to collect me and took me to my treatment room, where she proceeded to go through my answers on the medical questionnaire. She asked me what my problem areas were and the results I was looking for, from my treatment.

She spoke at length about a treatment called Obagi, which she swore would rid me of the skin issues I've battled for years. Typically it's quite an expensive treatment, but I've seen been doing a tonne of research on it, off my back and I'm seriously considering investing in it, but one of the main side effects from it is intense skin peeling and shedding for up to 10 days and that has put me off for the moment. How the hell am I supposed to go about my daily business looking like that?! I have to go to work!

Anyway, I disgress. The treatment I opted for that evening, was the Agera Vit C Peel, which aims to leave skin looking bright and glowing. The peel contains Citric Acid, Salicylic Acid, Ascorbic Acid plus Vitamic C in its purest form.

The treatment:

1. My skin was cleansed three times to remove all traces of make up, with an ultra mild cleanser

2. It was then treated with a skin pro peel prep to remove all trace of oil on my skin.

3. The first layer of Vitamin C was then applied to my skin and a small hand held fan was used to dry it.

Posed by model - obviously, this is not me.

4. A second layer fo Vitamin C was then applied. Once it had dried, a damp guaze was used to activate it. At this point I could feel a very mild stinging.

5. Once my skin was calm again, my therapist applied Mag C serum and recovery complex, which acted as a moisturiser

In all the peel took approximately 25 mins or so and wasn't painful for me in the slightest . My skin felt clean and soft to the touch. At first glance it didn't look any brighter and I was more worried about having to make a trip to my friend's house in the middle of rush hour without a scrap of make up on!

Over the next few days, my skin looked alright. It wasn't perfect by any means but make up went on smoothly and I was generally happy with how it looked. I didn't suffer any negative after-effects, no redness or dryness. The breakouts appeared to susbside too, I guess the dead top layer of skin was well and truly  removed as the acids got to work.  As luck would have it, my skin's been looking awful again for the past week but again that's down to eating utter crap, drinking too much and sleeping in my make up - I've obviously not learnt my lesson!

An Agera Vitamin C Peel costs  £77  and DestinationSkin are currently offering a course price of  three for £139.

I think a one off treatment didn't make that much of a difference in the long run but my therapist did advise that the Agera Vit C Peel should be done every 4-6 weeks to see good results. Personally, I think the current course price of three

Click here to find your nearest clinic or call 0845 125 8415.

*Treatment offered fro review consideration

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

This sounds so good, great post!!:)

Sharon said...

Sounds great, lol about eating absolute rubbish& slpn w makeup on oh dear I hav never ever slept makeup my anxiety would surely kill me, I would be havin nightmares and thoughts, in fact I wouldn't close an eye I'm a panicky person hehe!


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