The Nail Files: Misa Dirty Sexy Money

I can't believe it's taken me about three years to share this polish. When the sun's shining, this is my go to nail colour and I also love to wear it in the dead of winter to add some colour to the doom and gloom I'm surrounded by .

 I even have two back ups, just in case any unexpected surprises regarding its production occur!!

Misa is an American company, which I discovered, through blogging a couple of years ago. Dirty Sexy Money (best nail polish name ever!) is gorgeous greeny-turquoise dusky creme. It's difficult to describe it, and for years I didn't come across any other shade quite like it.

It flatters my skin tone like a dream and always gets me compliments when I wear it. I adore it! Application is a dream and it lasts well too, with the aid of a trusty top coat.

I have a few other Misa polishes, but this one definitely gets the most wear. I've bought all mine from (when I'm in New York) and I'm yet to find a UK stockist.  Have you tried any Misa polishes?

ETA: I've just been informed that BeautyChamber stock Misa in the UK!

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Leanne said...

It's amazing how different it looks on our different skintones! Love this polish, one of my favourites too x

bethlovebeauty said...

Beauty Chamber is a UK shop that stocks Misa Nail polishes! They ship worldwide!

:) xo

Yinka said...

@Leanne - I can't express just how much I love this polish! I want to be buried wearing it!!

@bethlovesbeauty - Thanks!!

Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

that is such a gorgeous colour!!:)

Sharon said...

Gorgeous shade, I love e name too so cool!

Tass said...

If you're ever in east London there's a nail supply shop on Mare St, Hackney and they sell Misa polishes for £2.50 xx

Yinka said...

@Laurenlovesmakeup - Buy it, you'll love it!

@Sharon - Wicked isn't it? LOL

@Tass - Oooh whereabouts on Mare Street??

BlkBarbieMkeUp said...

Really pretty sweeti


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