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With Christmas just around the corner, no doubt many of you will have parties to attend and nights out planned over the next few weeks. Naturally you'll want to look your best in all those unauthorised photos which will appear on Facebook first thing on Monday morning, without your consent and Holland and Barrett recommend the following products to help you do just that.

1. Skin, Hair and Nails Formula (WAS £7.99 for 60 tablets, now just £3.84).
Taken daily, this 3-in-1 tablet containing Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Selenium will help leave your skin glowing, hair glossy and nails strong - which will no doubt aid all those nail polish changes!

2. Fat Metaboliser (WAS £10,99 for 120 capsules, now just £54.9)
Christmas is the season where you can go out all with your party outfits - glamour and glitz is the name of the game! If your favourite dress is feeling a bit of the tight side and you want a little help in shifting a few stubborn pounds, you may want to consider this supplment which combines a unique formula containing Vitamin B6. When combined with exercise and a low fat diet Fat Metaboliser with help contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism, as well as protein and glycogen metabolism. Now biology wasn't a string point at school, but I get the gist of it!

3. Miaflora Coconut Oil (WAS £14.99 for 453g, now just £7.49)
I've been using coconut oil for a while on my skin and in my hair and really rate it a great multi-purpose product. It's great for leaving skin moisturised, mix it with salt to make a body scrub, rub it on its own into damp skin or focus on elbows and knees to ward off any dry bits. You can even eat it! Well If it's good enough for Victoria's Secret Model Miranda Kerr! I think this deserves its own post actually, it's good stuff.

Reduced prices are available until December 5th instore and online!

*Press samples

*Press samples

1 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

liloo said...

oh wow, what a bargain for the fat capsules. Minimum you would usually pay for this is £25. £10 is already a bargain. £5 and you'll be silly not to snap it up! xx thank youuuuuu

liloo/@tsunimee xx


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