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Move over ASOS, with your faux promises of discount codes (go and have a look at the uproar on their Facebook page, after they withdraw a 20% off discount code, that they spent all morning spamming everyone's inbox with today), everybody knows that The Body Shop wins hands down and has the best online discounts.

Last week I took advantage of 50% off with the purchase of just four items (I bought more but I'll get to those later) online and saw it fit to indulge in my latest obsession - candles.

I've almost used up my Malin & Goetz Dark Rum candle and have enjoyed its aroma filling the air almost every evening for hours on end and wanted to try out some more.

The Body Shop scented candles are available in the following scents:

  • Sandalwood and Ginger
  • Vanilla and Tonka Bean
  • Aloe and Soft Linen
  • Jasmine and White Frangipani
  • Pomegranate and Raspberry
  • Mandarin and Tangelo
  • Green Tea and Lemon
The glass jars they come in are plain in appearance, and so far I've only tried my Vanilla and Tonka Bean and left it to burn for about an hour. The scent was subtle, nowhere near as intense as my Malin and Goetz candle, but when I blew it out and went back into my bedroom 10 minutes later, I could definitely smell it in my room. I then lit it again and let it burn for about two hours and when I stepped into my room, vanilla had filled the air - lovely.

The Body Shop scented candles cost £10 each but you can currently get 40% off the entire site using discount code SANTA at checkout. Standard delivery is free too.

Happy Shopping!

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