Limited Edition - Estee Lauder Zodiac Compacts

I've a sucker for anything related to my star sign (I'm a Leo - in case it isn't obvious) and when I saw this new release from Estee Lauder a few weeks ago, a small yelp of joy may have passed from my lips.

Every year since 1963, Estee Lauder has introduced a collection of limited-edition solid perfume and pressed powder compacts. This year they have released an elegant, yet playful collection of Zodiac inspired gold compacts.

Photo taken at the Estee Lauder 2012 Christmas preview event, I attended last month - courtesy of fellow blogger, ReallyRee

The pressed powder enclosed in the compact is the Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder which according to the Lauder website, "Gives skin a luminous finish that minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles."

Special ingredients diffuse light as they hit your skin, creating a "soft-focus" effect that visibly smooths the appearance of it. To be honest, the only thing stopping me from treating myself to this personalised gift, is that I'm worried the powder may  look ashy on me, despite being billed as translucent. I need to pop down to a counter and try it in person, before taking the plunge - preferably before my star sign sells out!

The compacts come in a lovely presentation box, complete with a black velveteen pouch and a mini puff and are also decorated with the appropriate birthstone of each starsign too. I'm not gonna lie I'm sorely tempted, but then I am a Leo, and we're known for loving the finer things in life - and this is pure luxe ;-)

Priced £65 each and available online, and from Harrods.

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Laura said...

Wow! I just wish my star sign wasn't a goat haha! Are they refillable? You might be able to pop a blush in there instead? x

Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

they are absolutely gorgeous, i have to have the gemini one for me at xmas!:)

Yinka said...

@Laura LOL Yep, they are. I could do. Finding the right size would be the only issue, I guess>

@Lauren - Do it ;-)

Kim Porter said...

I'd love to get my hand on a Virgo one

Second Hand Rose said...

Wow I love these, they are gorgeous!! They look so chic! XxxX


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