MAC Strength Lipsticks - Party Parrot, Strong Woman and Pink Pigeon.

When the MAC Strength collection launched in the UK, a few weeks ago, I couldn't ring MAC mail order fast enough to place my order.

I knew exactly what I wanted and bought three out of the five available lipsticks and a lip liner.

All the lipsticks in the Strength collection are matte and as I've discovered are quite difficult to remove, so I haven't find staying power an issue! Suprisingly they're not as drying on the lips as I'd expected. I quite like bright matte lipsticks and find them easier to wear than other formulas.

PARTY PARROT is a bright pink-coral with a matte finish. Despite being matte  it has a creamy texture and doesn't drag on the skin of the lips during application.

STRONG WOMAN is a dark purple which has bright undertones. It has opaque coverage, again with a matte finish and applies smoothly.

PINK PIGEON is a super bright, blue-based pink with a matte finish. I find that blue-based fuschia's suit my skin tone quite well, so I had to buy this. This lasted for approx five hours when I wore it yesterday afternoon - despite eating and drinking.

Overall I'm really impressed with these lipsticks. As I mentioned, I was a bit dubious about the finish as all my other matte lipsticks from MAC are drying and not the most comfortable to wear but these have really impressed me. I'm very pleased with my purchases.

The MAC Strength collection is currently available online and on counter - although you may have a bit of difficulty tracking the lipsticks down now.

MAC Strength lipsticks are £14 each.

Did you buy anything from Strength?

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Shortiee31 said...

What sort of make-up do you wear on the rest of your face when wearing a bright lippy like Party Parrot? I have a couple of lipsticks I'd deem "unsuitable" for me and usually mix it with another lipstick!
Thanks in advance :) xx

sharon p said...

U picked beautiful shades,love them all! I wonder if london selfridges still hav some thanks for swatches babe!

Yinka said...

@Shorteie31 - I'd keep my eyes neutral,but wear liner and on the cheeks either bronzer, a neautral (Black|Up do two really good ones) or something like NARS Desire but applied lightly to warm up my face.

@Sharon P - Thank you.

C.I.A.R. said...

Oarty parot looks nice :P

Henessy said...

I never pay mind to the new collections from Mac considering there's like one every week but I wish I did. I need all three colours you swatched in my life, I cant believe I am just noticing how nice they are now :(

Stephanie said...

mmm these look so lovely and colourful. Especially that purple one - may have to take a gander into MAC some time this week..that's if they aren't sold out by then!

Glitter The Rose said...

Strong woman looks amazing, I totally missed out on these, xx

Goddesslily Seymour said...

So interesting how different Strong Women looks on another person's swatches. BTW... love your Blog, hope you visit mine sometime.

Sandra A said...

Firstly - great name for a blog!!

Love the lippies too - especially Party Parrot - might pick that up before its too late! Xx

SoFrolushes said...

I like the look of Party Parrot. Strong Woman reminds me of Rebel and other purples I already own. If able I may get Party Parrot.

LuxeLifeAspirations said...

I really like the look of Party Parrot! Just when I was trying to curb my lipstick buying :)

Beth Louise said...

Can't beat Mac lipsticks! They are sooooo pigmented you can't go wrong!

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