A Visit to the Errol Douglas Salon

The last time I had a weave installed, was 12 years ago and I looked like chat show host Tricia Goddard, on a bad hair day. If you recall the bulky, shapeless weaves Tricia Goddard would wear on her chat shows, then you can understand what I was subjected to wear on my head for the best part of 48 hours, before I could take no more and ripped it out! Needless to say, I refused to walk down that weavy path again, until now.

I was invited down to hair connoisseur Errol Douglas' hair salon in Knightsbridge, where I had a full closure weave installed. I was left in the trusty hands of Eve Owusu, senior stylist and afro technician, who immediately made me feel at ease.

Being at the salon, was a huge deal to me, mainly because it was the first time I'd set foot in a hair salon for at least 11 years. In the past I've found trips to the hairdressers traumatic. Leaving a hairdressers with less hair on your head, than when you walked in, when you did NOT require a haircut is enough to put anybody off, let alone dealing with rude staff with attempt to eat their lunch over your barnet or wander off for 20 mins at a time to have a natter with their colleague - speaking of lunch, be sure to take advantage of their in-house chef who'll whip you up a dish of their daily menu, should you feel peckish.

Tucked away in uber-trendy Knightsbridge, the salon is spacious, covers two floors and caters for a wide range of clientele.

 I'm not a fan of those generic looking 'Kardashian circa 2010' weaves I see far too women sporting on their heads. That centre parting, square looking barnet, complete with cascading Rapunzel-esque curls tumbling down their backs. Nah, not a fan. At all. I arrived arms with lots of photos of how I wanted my finished look and we did steer away from it slightly but I'm very pleased with the end result. The hair is silky soft, doesn't tangle or lose its flexible movement with wear.

This is how a weave should look - like your own hair! 

Side view two weeks on - it was a little breezy that day! 

My crochet braids were removed, hair washed, deep treated and then blow dried. In total, from start to finish my transformation took five hours. Before the weave was installed, a hair net was sewn onto my cornrows, to avoid any itching. I must admit, this was one of my biggest fears. My scalp is extremely sensitive and when I last got a weave installed, I found the itching unbearable. I've experienced minimal itching and no scalp irritation at all. I believe the hair net under the weave itself has a lot to do with the comfort I've experienced.

I was worried about the closure parting looking bulking and fake but Eve plucked additional hairs from the to give the appearance of a realistic looking parting which I was pleased with. Once all the hair had been sewn in, Eve cut it into a layered bob leaving fab movement which fell into place around my shoulders.

I experienced minimal shedding with the hair, Remi Couture, by Sleek. I used just over 2 packets in colour IB, which was more of a dark brown/black than off-black, very flattering on my skin tone though. It's excellent quality and despite there being more than one night where I've failed to wrap my hair and have rolled around in bed, it hasn't knotted or proved difficult to manage at all. I've really put it through its paces and it straightens as easily as it did on day one of installation with a quick run through of my straighteners in the morning. Oh I should mention too, just how easy to wash this hair is too. It retains its shape, dries quickly and reverts back to its sleek glory (no pun intended) in minutes after being tended to with a pair of irons.

By week four, my regrowth was starting to poke through the parting, so this style in my opinion can be quite high maintenance but if you have the time and finances to keep it looking fresh then a weave is a great way to give your own natural hair a break from constant styling.

Thanks to Eve, at Errol Douglas my faith in weave has been restored!

* I was a guest at the Errol Douglas Salon and received a complimentary style
* The hair and closure installed were both provided for review purposes by Sleek hair

For appointments and treatment/style queries contact Errol Douglas on 0207 235 0110 and check the website out here.

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Shereen said...

LOOL I completely agree with you, so many girls have that kardashian look, it's so boring!

Your hair looks lovely, they did a great job.

lippyloverr said...

I'm not trying to be rude but that weave looks like any weave you'd get in any salon in Walworth Road. You just have to direct the hairdressers a bit. Weaves have come a long way since you were 12!

Yinka said...

@Shereen - Urgh, there's just no originality!

@lippyloverr - Don't watch the second photo. It was taken 3 weeks in on a windy day. It seems like half the 'weaveologists' have no idea have to sew a closure in. I see travesties on the street every day - namely in the South Eastern region! For every 10 weaves I see, 9 look a state. People want the look but don't want to soend money on the right hair or spend time finding someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Do the capital a favour and name these salons on Walworth Road which are doing such a good job - you owe it to your fellow women! LOL

nina johnson said...

I agree with Vex and wondering where these "fantastic" salons are, I live in Camberwell and all I see are bald 20 year olds with 6 packs of hair on their head looking a hot mess. No hair line due to the very "fantastic" salons you are raving about. £25 for weave come on LOL !! I feel sorry for these girls when they get to 40. P.S My hairdresser works from home, and cares about her craft.

nina johnson said...

@ VEX I agree, I am confused as I live near Walworth Road and not sure where these great salons are. All I see is £25 places and young girls walking round with a ripped out hairline and way too much Brazilian on their head ! Opening a shop and calling yourself a Hairdresser does not make you qualified. I feel sorry for these young girls by the time they are 40 they will be bald real talk


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