Love Boo + Pregnancy Update #1

I'm 25 weeks pregnant (almost 6 mths now) have a sizeable bump now. I decided not to 'go public' sooner for good reason and wanted to get my anomaly scan at 20 weeks out of the way first, once I had peace of mind that my little one was developing properly and all was well, I felt more comfortable sharing my news on a wider scale. Thank you again for all your messages of best wishes and congratulations on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and my blog. They've been so lovely to read, thank you.

My beauty regime hasn't changed that much since becoming pregnant. I've always been an avid body moisturiser and so I just take an extra 30 seconds on my boobs and tummy as opposed to before. In my first trimester I noticed my face felt drier for say, a two week period but that quickly passeda nd my skin went back to normal.

I've been using the Love Boo range, amongst other body products for just over three months now and I'm pleasantly surpised. I first heard of this brand from a friend when she was pregnant almot two years ago. She'd discovered Love Boo at the The Baby Show and filled me in one lunchtime when I asked which if any, products she'd been using to ward off stretchmarks.

Hmm must book that window cleaner!

I've been using their Miracle Oil and Body Smoother regularly. The Super Stretchy Miracle Oil (£15.99 100ml) is Love Boo's hero product. 100% natural and made from a blend of Argan Oil, Passion Flower Oila nd Mandarin Oil, it restores suppleness and elasticity aswell as helping to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. I love the smell of this and apply on both damp and dry skin. Fans of the oil swear of its ability to keep morning sickness at bay, thanks to its 100% natural lemon and ginger extract. It didn't help with my own morning sickness, but to fair nothing did. If I was gonna be sick, I was sick! I really like this oil, it's not overpowering which is incredibly important for my sensitive nose and I use it with ease. Although you can use it all over your body, I tend to concentrate on boobs, tummy, hips and bottom to make it last longer. I'm 3/4 through my first bottle and luckily have a back up.

The Soft and Creamy Body Smoother (£7.99 25ml), again I can't rate enough. This i actually the product my friend raved to me about. This thick and creamy body butter may appear too thick at first glance but it 'melts' down as you rub your hands together, making application a breeze. Although only 25ml, you only need a small amount and I have plenty left in my tub, despite using it at least three times a week for the past 3+ months.  I sometimes, as recommended apply it over the Miracle Oil and they really are a match made in heaven, together sealing in the moisture and leaving my skin silky smooth. Its ingredients include Centella, known for its powderful anti-ageing properties, and Cocoa and Shea Butter, know for their high Vitamin A and E content. This can even be used for softening your feet!  It's intensely moisturing without leaving your skin feeling weighed down and greasy. Top marks!

I've not yet tested the Magic Balm (£12.99 30ml) which has a wide range of uses. Safe to use while breastfeeding, this balm is great for soothing chapped skin as well as sore breats-feeding nipples. Meadowfoam and gold of pleasure oils, two of the richest source of Omega-3 help keep skin supple and healthy. It also contains moisturising avocado, rosehip and evening primrose oil. It can also be used on dry hands, elbows and knees - even as a lip balm! It's gentle enough to be used any dry patches baby may have too.

Their baby skincare line looks adorable and is on on my list of brands I'll be treating the baby to once he arrives. Love Boo have a lovely range of gift sets for both mother and baby, which make ideal pressies if you know of any impending new arrivals or expecting Mums-to-be.

You can buy Love Boo products online here

Pregnancy wise, all was going well, until just over a week ago when I suddenly developed intense pelvic pain out of the blue. I couldn't get out of bed, let alone take a step by myself unaided and the overwhelming feeling that my womb was about to fall out terrified me! The pain was excruciating and for a moment I thought I was going into premature labour.

A visit to the hospital, resulted in being diagnosed with Symphisis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD), which in short, is caused by the stretching of my ligaments as the baby grows. Basically my pelvis is unable to cope with the stretching and extra weight - hence the excruciating pain.. Hobbling into hospital on crutches was fun. Not!  

I'm currently signed off work and I'm dreading returning after a short walk to the local shops yesterday, left me hobbling like a cripple down the street. I've been told by doctors that the symptoms will persist throughout my pregnancy so my mobility won't be improving anytime soon, but I've been referred for physiotherapy so should hopefully be hearing from the hopsital for my first appointment shortly, fingers crossed.. I can't walk or stand for long periods of time. It's a pain, but the end result will be worth it, so I'm just getting on with it as best I can.

Morning sickness was a breeze in comparison to this. My favourite moment during my first trimester was having to stop a cab three times in the space of 90 secs as I threw up in my mouth repeatedly and needed to spew the remains of a pear down the street! Luckily the cab driver was very sympathetic and understanding and my OH did a striling job of furiously rubbing my back and offering reassurance as kids being walked to school pointed and asked "Mummy,why is that lady being sick?" in the background. Marvellous.

Cravings - hmm mine haven't been too crazy. Cheese, cereal and ice cream (not all together) have been my go-to foods. I've lost count of the slices of cheese on toast I've consumed (four today, if you're interested). Oh and I can now positively identify at least four pram/stroller brands when I see them out and about - even my OH knows what a Bugaboo looks like now!

In all the past five months have been both an eye opener and an unforgettable experience. From throwing up six times a day and sore nipples which make me wince in pain to listening to my baby's heartbeat at home with my doppler and seeing him wriggle about during a scan, it's been an emotional ride, which isn't over yet.

I'll shut up now, Coronation Street has started!

* Love Boo provided me with samples for review consideration.

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SandraSaysWhyNot said...

Ooh... The miracle oil sounds great! Thanks for the review - might try it out! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy!! Xx

Lee-Anne Weise said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. A friend has just announced her pregnancy and you have taken some of the leg work out of me choosing a gift

Yinka said...

@Sandra - It's lovely, Thank you so much xx

@Lee-Anne - Thank you! Glad to help :-)

Dija said...

aww! so glad you're enjoying the ride. The best is yet to come. Your OH sounds like he's doing a great job too. Keep it up x

Galaxia @ Hopeful Kiss | A Pink Lipstick Life! said...

Congratulations! :) I didn't use anything special during pregnancy but I can see why people like using products like these! I'm following your blog now :)

Amina said...

Congratulations Yinka!!! I am so excited and happy for you!!! You'll be such an amazing mother!


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