Blogging Policy/Disclosure

…boring I know, but please read anyway!

Below is an outline of my personal blogging policy. This is a general guide to my approach to blogging and my personal stance on matters such as PR samples, advertising and sponsored posts.


First if all thank you for the support so many of you have shown me over the years. I really do appreciate it.

My blog provides a snapshot of the knowledge, views, and opinions that I hold at a particular point and some of these will most likely change over a period of time as I come to learn more and develop my understanding about the products and topics that I am blogging about.

Brands and PR agencies frequently send products to be featured on Vex in the City, and they are also provided for potential review at press/PR events and launches. My acceptance of these samples bears no influence to the outcome of any review(s) if published, and will be no more favourable had the item(s) in question, been purchased with my own money – if I like a product, I like it, if I don’t, I don’t and you’ll always receive the same frank honesty I depict in all my posts regardless of the product source.

At times I may link to other blogs and websites operated by third parties. These are sometimes provided as a means of convenient access to the information I’m writing about. At the time of publishing, I endeavour to ensure that the information in these links is correct, but as time goes on, these may be inaccurate or out of date.


From time to time, this blog may feature sponsored posts – when these are included I will clearly label them as sponsored so it is clear. For those that are unclear, a sponsored post is a form of advertising on blogs where paid for content is put forward by a brand to be included. Whilst I will consider these, please be assured that I will NEVER accept payment for an opinion and sponsored posts will still only ever run where I have full control over what is written. I will never recommend a product in exchange for payment.

In regards to positive reviews of products sent for free by brands/PR companies I would like to stress that these will always honest but please remember that it is possible to genuinely feel positive about a product that was sent for free – a positive review doesn’t mean that it isn’t honest.


I am open to approaches from brands/PR agencies who think they have campaigns/products that might be appropriate for the blog.

However, if you are a brand or PR agency then please do note that any product sent for consideration for review will be tested thoroughly and always reviewed honestly.

If you are happy to work with this policy and have a relevant product that you feel might work well on this blog then please get in touch with me via


If you wish to buy advertising space or to arrange a sponsored post on this blog, please email me at

In regards to sponsored posts – I am open to suggestions for these but only where I still have full editorial control. Where used they will be clearly labelled as sponsored posts to make this clear to my readers.

All links within sponsored posts or advertisements will be ‘no follow’.

This blog does contain some affiliate links.

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