The liquid lipstick trend is showing no signs of slowing down, which suits me just fine as I can’t get enough of them. Armani Beauty have now hopped on the bandwagon with the launch of their new Lip Magnets.  Available in 18 lip smacking shades, they boast a formula, which is four times thinner than the traditional liquid matte formula that we’ve become accustomed to.

Armani have steered away from their traditional sleek, black elegant packaging which is synonymous with their makeup brand. I’m not so keen on the new red gloss packaging – “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind, although the robust acrylic tubes are easy to pop inside a handbag or jeans pocket! Packaging colour aside, the first thing you’ll notice on application is indeed the formula. The texture is very thin, and feels extremely light on the lips. The thinner texture means you’re unlikely to experience the wrinkled prune-like texture, that thicker consistencies can give your lips once they dry out. When fully dried, they resemble a stain-like effect, which minimises the colour looking patchy as it wears off.



505 Second-Skin
601 Attitude
504 Nuda
402 Fil Rouge
600 Front-Row
400 Four Hundred
301 Heat In
300 Tangerine
501 Eccentrico


The Lip Magnets take a while to settle and dry. I was able to still swipe colour off my lips, three minutes after application. The only positive of this I can think of, is that if needed, it gives you longer to apply the colour evenly with its unique doe-shaped sponge tipped applicator. Once dry, apply a second coat.


Offering a wear time of eight hours, they lasted easily beyond the consumption of a snack, taking me through to lunchtime – so easily 6+ hours. Irrespective of long-wear claims, I usually find myself adjusting my lip colour at some point during the day and these were no exception. I touched up after lunch, although there was still a lot of pigment left on my lips. An important factor to remember is that the Lip Magnets feel very comfortable on the lips. I’ve experienced tightening on my lips from some liquid lipstick brands and this is certainly not an issue due to its lightweight formula.

If you’re looking for an indulgent splurge, then this luxury buy may tick your boxes. Personally I prefer my matte liquid lipsticks a bit weightier, but if you like the idea of  a lighter liquid lipstick which allows you to layer up and offers a good amount of colour, then

How much are they? £27 each
Where can I buy them from? Armani Beauty, Selfridges and other Armani Beauty stockists.



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