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Although I had time off work to unwind over Christmas and New Year, I still feel in dire need of more relaxation. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind and I’ve found myself feeling slightly more stressed out than usual at work. I’m starting a new role next month (hurrah!), but with it comes the tedious task of a handover and tying up loose ends before I move to my new department.

I do try and make the time to pamper myself, indulging in home facials time permitting and relaxing super soaks in the bath, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Back in October, I had the pleasure of spending an overnight stay at Titanic Spa. I hopped aboard an East Coast train with a few others and settled down for the 2 hour journey to the UK’s first eco spa. Tucked away in rural Yorkshire and set within a converted textile mill, it houses treatments by Decleor, Carita, Elemis, Jessica and Pink Boutique.

Image courtesy of Beautywowza

The check in process was swift and we were served drinks on arrival, and handed our itineraries as our luggage was taken to our rooms. We were then taken to the spa restaurant, where we helped ourselves to the buffet lunch on offer. The food was healthy, but surprisingly tasty and filling and left us ready for a fun afternoon trying out the facilities available to us.

Then it was time for a quick tour of the premises, which resulted in us racing to our rooms to get our dressing gowns and swimwear and we were amazed at the sight which greeted us. Our rooms turned out to be an actual apartment.  As seen in the photos, it was spacious and modern, complete with living and dining area and an open plan kitchen. Four of us easily slept in two separate twin rooms, which each had adjoining bathrooms and were tastefully decorated with neutral decor.

Complimentary juice and milk is supplied and there’s plenty of space for your to bring your own food to cook too.

I couldn’t wait to get back downstairs and immerse myself in the relaxation area and headed straight for the Tttanic Heat and Ice Experience.

The corridor which leads to the Heat and Ice Experience, Relaxation and Treatment rooms.

 The Crystal Steam Room

Image courtesy of The Beauty Scoop

Heat and Ice – Plunge Pool
The Ice Room
Image courtesy of The Beauty Scoop
The Bucket Shower – watching guests stand underneath this and then promptly yell thir heads off from the comfort of the cosy Crystal Steam Room, was amusing to say the least!
All the facilities can be frequented by both men and women, so Titanic Spa is as couple-friendly as it is for groups of friends who fancy a weekend of indulgent pampering. Check out teh full list of facilities on site here.
I was treated to a complimentary Pinks Boutique Organic Massage, which was in short,  amazing. I chose a massage oil of my choice from their selection and soon settled down to enjoy my full body massage. 

Unsurprisingly I was soon fast asleep and what is beginning to become a regular occurrence during beauty treatments, woke myself up with my own snoring! Embarassing! My therapist couldn’t stop giggling and who could blame her, I sounded like a rhino!

One of the treatment rooms

We were also given the opportunity to book additional treatments of our choice, so I took the chance to fix my talons as they were looking worse for wear. I paid for a Jessica manicure, which unfortunately I didn’t feel was worth the price I had paid (£31) and overall I wasn’t that impressed with the end result.

Despite expressing a desire for my cuticles to be tidied, they weren’t done to my liking and I couldn’t help but feel slightly patronised by the therapist (as lovely as she was) who insisted they couldn’t be trimmed as low as I’d like for fear of damage – I get them trimmed the way I wanted all the time, with no problem at my usual haunts, so that was disappointing.

The pool area is large and warm, with an ample number of loung chairs surroundng the pool.

I didn’t go in the jacuzzi (although I wanted to), mainly because I found it a bit distracting that visitors using the exercise bikes and treadmills in the gym, were facing the pool through a huge glass window, with  no choice but to gawp at those doing lengths or trying to relax – can’t the machines be turned the other way? For much the same reason, I didn’t go in the pool either, I felt far too self conscious.

Pool and Jacuzzi – the gym can be seen through the frosted windows along the side of the pool.

Dinner was a two course affair, followed by a yummy dessert. I must say that the dining at Titatanic Spa, left me quite impressed.


As we retired to our rooms, the fun and games didn’t stop there. We flung on our jim jams and curled up on the sofas and chairs and watched a girlie flick – Sex and the City 2 no less. I’d forgotten just how terrible it was and cringed more than I did when I watched it in New York on its opening night. It has to be one of the worse sequels I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching. Still, it was fun dissecting it to pieces with the girls as we scoffed chocolate and guzzled wine!

The morning after the night before…

Waking up to the backdrop of Emmerdale Farm was an amusing, yet refreshing experience. As I gazed at the view from our balcony, I was greeted by hills a plenty, with sheep and geese thrown in for good measure for that authentic countryside experience. Being a city girl, the stark contrast of what I usually wake up to left me standing on the balcony soaking up my surroundings for a few minutes before I ventured back inside to warm up.

Check out in the morning was fairly quick, no problems with the bill and you pay for extra treatments and anything you have purchased during your stay. This makes your stay cash-less which is very convenient as you spend most of your time lazing around in swimwear and a fluffy robe.

The spa staff were warm and friendly and made the visit a memorable experience.

Stays at Titanic Spa start at £109pp but Wahanda have an ongoing overnight stay deal for just £54.50 – view it here

Also, following the success of their on-site shop, Titanic Spa have since launched their new online shop which allows you to purchase all the products from the brands which are used in their treatments. You can browse it here

*I was invited on an overnight stay press trip.



  1. 19th January 2012 / 5:33 pm

    I have to say it sounds bloomin' lovely. If I had the dosh I'd make a booking right now x

  2. 19th January 2012 / 8:17 pm

    Your experience at the spa sounds so great that you've now tempted me to book this. The pics of the spa look great and it would be a well deserved treat.

  3. 21st January 2012 / 11:53 am

    My family live not too far away from there and my mum used to be a member of the gym so I've had a couple of spa days there. The apartments look brilliant and I'd definitely consider an overnight stay next time.

  4. 22nd January 2012 / 2:07 am

    Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time. I'd love to get a full body massage but I'm scared I'd wake up in a puddle of drool or something, far worse than snoring!!

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