I recently spent (yet again) a considerable amount of time browsing Debenhams homeware department and picked up a few items. I’ve been looking for some new mugs for a while, particularly novelty ones to brighten up the kitchen alongside the ‘formal’ ones. I only had one major requirement – they had to be supersized. Thinking ahead to curling up in front of the TV throughout winter, the last thing I want to do is have to get up to refill my mug of hot chocolate! I chose these huge mugs which were in the sale. I can’t remember how much I paid, around £3 each or so.

debenhams mugs

debenhams star sign mugs

debenhams star sign mugs 1

The Leo zodiac mug, I had to have, for obvious reasons! I love it!  I also picked one up as a gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday. They’re such fun and are made from fine china. Not bad for only £8.50. The boxes that they’re packaged in are cute and can be kept afterwards to store things in. Win-win!

I also bought a new clock (which Cassius is obsessed with,a s he’s learning his numbers at the moment) and a festive inspired fleece throw, again with cosy nights in mind.

debenhams homeware

I also spotted some lovely cushions and photo frames but I’m waiting until the Christmas sales to buy those, in the hope that they’re heavily reduced. It’s worth popping into Debenhams homeware department, there are lots of bargains to be had, both instore and online at the moment.

I’m totally obsessed with homeware and decor right now, which you’ll be well aware of if you happen to be following me on Pinterest!


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