I’m sure you must have heard about the candles budget supermarket Aldi recently launched, that have been compared to the more expensive candles by Jo Malone.

Aldi caused somewhat of a ruckus with the launch of their luxury candle range, which saw the candles immediately sell out and end up on eBay up to ELEVEN times the RRP price of £3.99. When you consider that Jo Malone candles retail for £44, it’a a no-brainer why Aldi’s version have been so successful.

Anyway, I popped into Aldi yesterday, and there they were, positioned in the cleaning products aisle. There are three scents available, Pomegranate Noir, Freesia Pear and Lime, Basil and Mandarin. Presented in a stylish glass jar, with a silver lid and two wicks with a burn time of approximately 48 hours, they’re an absolute steal.

Of the three, No. 2 Freesia Pear is what I chose and I was pleasantly surprised. Within 15 mins of being lit, the room was engulfed in its soft, warm, subtle scent. I can’t smell it when I’m in the next room, but for the price I paid, it does the job! Aside, from looking far more expensive than it is, I was impressed to see it burned evenly without crackling or smoking too.

Pick one up if you get the chance. Aldi have been randomly adding more stock online, but I think your best bet is popping into your nearest store.




  1. 28th March 2017 / 11:06 am

    SOLD! Just ordered all 3 online and it’s free delivery! My nearest Aldi is a pain to get to so this has saved me the trouble.

  2. Yinka
    28th March 2017 / 11:14 am

    Nice one! Glad you managed to get them.

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